Constant progress

Progressively building up its market share in Russia, a country experiencing economic development, is an achievement SIG Combibloc is proud of. Today, the company provides carton packaging to all leading Russian companies in NCSD (Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks) and LD (Liquid Dairy) segments.


Read some of these success stories and what our team can do for you and your business.


NIDAN – from zero to hero

In 1998, NIDAN bought its first SIG Combibloc filling machine for its plant in Novosibirsk. NIDAN was the first company in Russia to use equipment from SIG Combibloc to fill juices in combiblocStandard 1,000 ml. In 1999, NIDAN launched the first 2,000 ml-volume aseptic carton pack from SIG Combibloc in Russia. The combiblocMaxi carton pack was a mutual success for NIDAN and SIG Combibloc, the only provider of this format.

SIG Combibloc’s cooperation with NIDAN continued to go from strength to strength. In 2003, NIDAN decided to open a production facility in Moscow, in addition to its plant in Novosibirsk. SIG Combibloc supported NIDAN in planning the new plant, which was equipped exclusively with filling machines from SIG Combibloc. Production started the same year.

In 2005, NIDAN launched ‘Moya Semya’ (‘My Family’) brand juices in combiblocCompact 500 ml in Russia. The new packaging volume found immediate acceptance from consumers. Since 2006, NIDAN has been filling ‘Moya Semya’ juices in combiblocSlimline with the combiSwift screw cap. Up to then, the juices had been sold in packages without any opening aid. With combiSwift, NIDAN has been able to offer its customers greater convenience, which has seen sales figures take an upward swing. Today consumers may also enjoy a special series of natural juices under “Moya semia Premium” sub-brand offer in combifitPremium, 1000 ml format with handy combiSwift spout.


Reliable partners

In 2007, MULTON started to fill its premium brand juices “Rich” in the combifitPremium aseptic carton pack with the new screw cap combiSwift. Since then, the products are being filled at the company’s largest plant in Schelkovo near Moscow.

combifitPremium with the easy-opening single-action spout, a clear innovation on the Russian market, was strengthening the sales and attracting new consumers due to its eye-catching appearance. High quality rotogravure printing technology and stylish design became a benchmark of elegance!


Pioneering innovations together

UNIMILK is one of the leading dairy companies in Russia and CIS countries, specializing in dairy products and baby food. The company’s products made a big splash on the Russian market with new combifitSmall format with combiSmart screw cap designed especially for single-serve formats already in 2007. UNIMILK was one of the first companies worldwide to use the new packaging solution for its dairy products. For the first time condensed milk under the brand name ‘Shadrinskoe’ was then available on the Russian and Kazakhstani market in a carton pack of 300 ml. The range of products in combifitSmall was soon extended and the popular cream “Prostokvashino” was successfully launched in combifitSmall 200 ml and 350 ml with improved combiSmart cap with wings to make the opening process even more  easy.The “Prostokvashino” products established to a real hit on Russian dairy market.

In September 2008, UNIMILK opened a new ultra-modern dairy plant in St Petersburg. The company has opted for the flexible technology from SIG Combibloc to fill its premium cream under trade-mark “Petmol” into aseptic carton packs. In addition to a CFA 712 filling line for the small formats combiblocSmall and combifitSmall, the company also installed for the first time in the dairy segment in Russia a CFA 312 for combiblocSlimline with innovative single-action screw cap combiSwift. So the UHT-cream in 500 ml and 1,000 ml for HoReCa enlarged the product portfolio. Also plain sterilized milk under the popular baby brand “Tema” was offered in combiblocSlimline, 500 ml, with combiSwift to the consumers. UNIMILK is the first company in Russia to do so. Each of the machines has an output of 12,000 carton packs per hour.


Collaboration with market leader

SIG Combibloc is proud of its collaboration with WIMM-BILL-DANN – a leading liquid food producer in Russia and CIS. Thanks to the long-lasting successful partnership of the two companies, such popular products have been launched like "Chudo-Yagoda" (berry-drink "Wonderberry"), milk-juice cocktail "Mazhitel" in combibloc- and combifitPremium 1,000 ml accordingly; "Chudo-Molochnoe" milk cocktail in combiblocPremium, 500 ml, "Domik v derevne" UHT-cream in combifitPremium 500 ml with handy easy-opening and innovative screw spout combiSwift.

In April 2008, the first high-speed filling machine CFA 612-32 in Russia has been installed at the Tsaritzyno plant of WIMM-BILL-DANN to produce the popular juice brand “Lubimy Sad” in new single-serve packaging combiblocCompact 500ml with straw; later also kids juices and nectars “Zdraivery” have been offered in the same format. Today the same filler is used to produce a flagman baby drinks brand “Agusha” in combiblocCompact 500ml with straw and innovative single-action opening device combiSmart with wings. This system packaging solution is a real innovation that gained a fantastic feedback from Russian consumers.


Cooperation with the baby food market leader

In 2010 SIG Combibloc became a partner of the leading baby food producer in Russia OAO “PROGRESS”, supplying the production plant with high-speed filler CFA 612. This machine can fill up to 12,000 combiblocCompact carton packs per hour,in volumes of 200, 250, 300, 350, 375, 400 or 500 ml. It is also the only carton pack filling line in Russia that is fitted with applicators for the combiSmart screw cap and drinking straws.

Since September 2010, the popular juices and nectars of the “FrutoNyanya” brand (fruit nanny) are available in combiblocCompact 500 ml with drinking straw and combiSmart.

Consumer tests confirm that the ‘wings’ on the screw cap make it easy to open and reclose the carton pack – making combiblocCompact with combiSmart a very practical packaging solution when you are out and about.


Regional partnerships

SIG Combibloc very appreciates the cooperation with regional juice market leaders like "InterAgroSystems" and looks forward to continue this collaboration.

We are proud of product range extension that was possible during all these years due to our cooperation with such companies as  "Borodino", "Ahmad-tea", “Forum” and "Krymsky Vinny Zavod".

Premium juice brand “Mr.Juice” as well as natural juices and nectars for the whole family “7ja” of Borodino expanded the trend of healthy and tasty drinks, needed to satisfy the needs of modern people. We are also thankful, that the famous company “Ahmad-Tea” opted for SIG Combibloc as a packaging supplier for its series of premium ice-tea that was available in combifitMagnum, 1500 ml with combiTwist. On the picnic or also at home, real ice-tea fans became additional benefit – more volume at once of the favourite drink!

One of the oldest wineries in Russia Krymsky Vinny Zavod offered series of still table wine in combiblocSlimline with combiSwift end of 2007. It was a new segment for SIG Combibloc in Russia, nevertheless these products gained positive feedback from the end consumers.

Not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kazhakstan and other countries SIG Combibloc Russia assists the beverage producers to meet the modern consumers’ demand. In Ukraine SIG Combibloc cooperates with Coca-Cola Beverages, HELTEX and Beregovsky Konservny Zavod "BKZ", famous for its baby food products in the region. With such popular retail chains as "Furshet" and "Fozzi", SIG Combibloc offers its aseptic carton packaging for premium private labels as well as for mass segment brands. Astana Bottlers and Gold products are already long-term partners of SIG Combibloc on the Kazakhstan NCSD market with good prospects for the future!