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Every day, millions of people all over the world buy food and beverages packaged in combibloc and combifit carton packs from SIG Combibloc. They are making a great choice.


Plenty of good reasons to choose carton packaging

In our carton packs, foods and beverages are perfectly protected and retain their high quality. If left unopened, drinks in combibloc and combifit can be stored for prolonged periods without refrigeration. And because the carton is lightweight, unbreakable and easy to transport, beverages packaged in carton packs are enormously convenient - at home or on the go.

It has to sell – today, and tomorrow

For food and beverage manufacturers, it is essential to create products that sell. Premium quality beverages that are on trend have the potential to do this. The packaging you use can play a key role in sales success, if it protects the product, is practical and attractive, and ticks all the 'green' boxes as well.

It has to make a profit – today, and tomorrow

Your products have to do more than just keep selling; they also have to make a good financial return. Efficiency and flexibility are the key factors for cost-effective beverage manufacture that will take you into the future. With the filling machines for combibloc and combifit, you get both in a single package.


Quality sells

For a product to sell well, the quality has to be right. With their special composite structure and the properties this provides, cartons are the perfect packaging to preserve this quality.

Maximum product protection

One of the most important jobs of any packaging is protecting the food and, linked to this, safeguarding the quality of the product. In combibloc and combifit, beverages are hygienically and securely protected from light and air, and therefore the flavour, aroma, colour, nutrients and vitamins in the products are retained over an extended period - even without refrigeration and with no preservatives.

The carton pack is composed primarily of raw paperboard and polymers. At around 75 per cent, cardboard is the main material, and gives the package its stability. The inner polymer layers form a liquid barrier for the beverage; the outer layer keeps moisture out. Added to this is a razor-thin aluminium layer, which protects the food from light, oxygen and external odours.

Each year, SIG Combibloc's production plants manufacture packaging material for more than 20 billion carton packs. Our customers receive the packaging material as flat pre-fabricated sleeves, printed with the required design, precisely marked with fold lines and pre-sealed. This means we have already sealed the longitudinal seam: a production step you do not need to worry about and additional aseptic safety for you.

At our customers' premises, each carton pack is shaped and the base sealed inside the SIG Combibloc filling machines. The product, which has already been sterilized using UHT equipment, is then filled into the sterilized carton packs in the aseptic zone of the filling machine. After the filling process, the cartons are ultrasonically sealed above the fill level, and not through the product. This too has crucial benefits for protecting the food and its quality, as it prevents product ingredients from getting caught in the sealed seam. Once the carton pack has been sealed, optional closures may be applied to the packaging externally - another plus for aseptic safety.


Design sells

No matter how good the quality is, a product will only sell if consumers notice it in the first place. With an attractive package design that fits the product, catches the consumer's eye and matches the tastes of the target audience, a product concept can become an all-round success.

Plenty of space for your branding

Rather than narrow labels or banderoles, our combibloc and combifit carton packs have fully printable display surfaces, giving plenty of space for your branding and artwork. The four sides, all fully useable for the package design, are perfect not only for conveying information, but also for attracting consumers' attention, communicating with them, and making a positive impression on them.

The right printing technique will really emphasise your design. At SIG Combibloc, we mainly use the high-quality gravure printing system. With this process, the cardboard is printed with up to six colours. The printing technology gives vibrant colours and makes it possible to create innovative visual effects.


Convenience sells

Make it really convenient, please! When it comes to the retail market and consumers, packaging just cannot be practical enough. Our carton packs tick all the boxes when it comes to making the consumer's everyday life easier.

Closures and perforations

With combibloc and combifit, your products are always conveniently packaged. The cartons are lightweight, unbreakable, easy to stack and can be transported securely. The closures and perforations, specially developed to make opening easier, make SIG Combibloc carton packs convenient and handy to use.

In 1993, we launched the world's first closure on an aseptic carton pack. Since then, numerous handy opening solutions made from high-grade, recycleable plastics have been added to our range. Examples of these are the modern combiSmart and combiSwift screw caps, which can be opened effortlessly with a single twist.

The combiSwift screw cap can be applied to various combibloc and combifit carton packs. With an overall height of 12.6 mm and weighing just 2.7 grammes, the closure is exceptionally lightweight, and extremely easy to open. The convenient opening behaviour is due to the closure being applied over a laminated hole punched in the cardboard layer, and on first opening it needs to pierce only razor-thin layers of aluminium and polymer.

Small, handy and unbreakable carton packs that are fitted with the combiSmart screw cap are hugely practical for pouring out products such as evaporated milk or cream. And when you are on the move, handy carton packs with combiSmart are the perfect companion: they are ideal for drinking directly from the package when you are on the go. After you have taken a sip, the carton pack can be tightly reclosed and securely carried around with you.

The little combiSmart screw cap has a special plus: 'wings' on the sides, which add to the cap's positive opening characteristics. The wings make it easy to grip and turn the cap.


"Green" sells

Without sustainable manufacturing processes and products today, there can be no sales success tomorrow. With the packaging system beverage manufacturers can have a hand in improving the environmental performance of their products and processes.

Completely recyclable

The combibloc and combifit carton packs, which together with the SIG Combibloc closures are fully recyclable and are suitable for all local and national recycling and waste management options, have been proven to be among the most environmentally friendly packaging forms for longlife foods and beverages.

A Europe-wide, independently verified and ISO-compliant life-cycle assessment conducted in 2011 has shown that the carton pack has the best environmental performance compared to disposable PET and glass bottles for non-carbonated soft drinks. The carton shows significant benefits in the key categories 'CO2 emissions/climate change' (up to 64% compared to PET) and 'Fossil resource consumption' (up to 75% compared to PET). The reasons for this are, primarily, the low weight of the packaging and the resource-efficient application of the materials used. In the manufacture of the raw paperboard, moreover, up to 90% renewable energy is used.

The Europe-wide life-cycle assessment for UHT milk packaging shows that the key factors determining the environmental impacts produced by a packaging system during its life-cycle are the material used to manufacture the packaging, and the quantity of the material used. In this respect, compared to disposable PET and HDPE bottles (1,000 ml) the carton has the best environmental performance in virtually all environmental impact categories. In the 1-litre format, for instance, cartons generate 34 per cent less CO2, use 56 per cent fewer fossil fuel resources, and consume 30 per cent less primary energy compared to HDPE multilayer bottles; when compared to disposable PET bottles, these figures are 45 per cent for CO2, 57 per cent for fossil fuel resources and 36 per cent for primary energy.

Renewable, certified and originating from responsible forestry

For food and beverage manufacturers, it is a given that many of the ingredients for their products come from controlled cultivation and can be traced back to their source. And what applies for the valuable products packaged in our carton packs is also true for combibloc and combifit: Our carton packs are manufactured using only wood fibres from controlled, responsibly managed forests. It is wonderful when product and packaging go together so perfectly. To ensure that all the wood fibres originate from controlled, responsibly managed forests, we have had our production sites and sales organisations worldwide certified

in accordance with the internationally binding criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) for a continuous product chain of custody. All our suppliers of raw paperboard are also certified in line with the FSC's chain of custody standard. This means we are able to offer our customers worldwide carton packs displaying the FSC label. The label guarantees that appropriate quantities of wood originating from responsibly managed, FSC-certified forests were used to manufacture the raw paperboard (licence code FSC® C020428).

Treating valuable resources with care

We have already developed and launched product ideas that can be even more effective in helping you reduce the impact your products have on the environment.

One example of this is the combibloc EcoPlus. This is an aseptic carton which, thanks to a special new cardboard composite, generates 28 per cent less CO2 compared to the 1-litre combiblocSlimline carton pack of the same format. In the combibloc EcoPlus, the content of wood pulp, obtained from the renewable raw material wood, is more than 80 per cent.


Count on our efficiency

When developing our high speed filling machines, we focus on high performance and low overall system costs. In the large-size format, our machines are impressive enough, filling 9,000 carton packs per hour. In the medium-size format, our ultra-modern filling machines achieve an output of up to 12,000 carton packs per hour. And for small carton sizes, we have developed two highspeed filling machines, the CFA 124 and CFA 724, which are capable of filling 24,000 packs per hour. This speed, combined with unrivalled low wastage rates and unique flexibility in format, volume, decor and products, will definitely pay off. Thanks to their robust, well-engineered construction, you can be sure that the machines will continue to run reliably for many years.

Our service for your efficiency

To make sure your production processes run smoothly and efficiently, we give you a wide-ranging technical service offer. With our experienced Technical Services Team, a network of experts located right around the globe, we support our customers from the beginning as part of a close, reliable and tailored partnership: from installation and commissioning to support with production, plant maintenance and a spare parts service, through to technical upgrades for the installed filling machines.


Count on our flexibility

It pays to be flexible. For our customers all over the world, we have put together an unrivalled package of flexible options. Alongside a raft of different packaging solutions, the format, volume, product and decor flexibility of our filling machines enables food and beverage manufacturers to keep production extremely flexible and cost-effective.

One machine – two formats

Using a single filling machine, it is possible to fill carton packs in combibloc and combifit formats if the formats have the same base dimensions. And this can be done in a range of different volumes and with any design required. This enables you to position products optimally, in exactly the right way to suit the market and the target group in each case.

One machine – volume change in an instant

For all combibloc and combifit formats with the same base dimensions, switching between different fill volumes takes just a few minutes. The rapid volume change offers a whole raft of possibilities for positioning products so that they are tailored to specific target groups. With a single filling machine, up to seven different volumes can be filled.

One machine – any number of decors

With the filling machines from SIG Combibloc, a change of design can be implemented without interrupting the production process and with no wastage at all. All you need to do is switch the carton sleeves in the filling machine magazine. This flexibility makes it possible to fill a product in carton packs with a range of

different designs, for instance, for various brands or for a range of language versions for different regions. This means maximum accuracy of fit for the markets and distribution channels you will be dealing with in each case.

One machine – unique product flexibility

The filling flexibility of machines from SIG Combibloc makes it possible to fill a huge variety of products. Using the SIG Combibloc filling machines for non-carbonated soft drinks (NCSD) and liquid dairy products, low-viscosity products and more viscous products such as smoothies or dessert sauces can be filled.

And there is more: products with 'perceptible' added benefits, for instance, in the form of pieces of real fruit, vegetables or cereal grains, are also perfectly feasible - and they can be filled using standard filling machines. This innovation is based on the drinksplus concept from SIG Combibloc.


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