Zappar magic: SIG Combibloc carton packs become an interactive experience

Welcome to a new world! Augmented reality (AR) opens up a new dimension of on-pack marketing. Partnering with Zappar, one of the world's leading developers and providers of AR, SIG Combibloc is turning carton packs into interactive and engaging experiences.

The technology provides a bridge between physical objects and the digital world in real-time. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, the Zappar App and off you go: content is bought to life. The first SIG Combibloc carton packs with Zappar's "zapcodes" are already on sale. The technology offers scope for a whole range of creative marketing ideas and campaigns - infotainment - that will engage and delight consumers.

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Ace Fung, Global Product Manager at SIG Combibloc: "Our aim is to offer our customers a solution to get closer to their end-consumer and engage with them through the brand's packaging design. This "smart packaging" connects a product with the digital content and rewards consumers with relevant targeted content for taking the time to engage with a brand. Letting the consumer explore hidden content provides brands an excellent opportunity to improve brand awareness and strengthen brand loyalty. Linking AR to our customers' digital brand strategy allows further insight into end-consumers. That is why we have partnered with Zappar following a full review of the augmented reality offerings on the market. We feel their platform gives us the best and most scalable solution to deliver engaging digital experiences on mobile through AR. We believe this strategic partnership between SIG and Zappar supports us in providing our customers a value-added solution in a more and more digitised world".

In simple terms, 'augmented reality' (AR) means the computer-assisted extension of the perception of reality. The "real view" is supplemented in real-time by additional information that is layered onto a mobile device's screen. Very early examples of this are digitally superimposed offside lines or the distance to a goal of a free-kick in a football TV coverage. With the development of smartphones and tablets, augmented reality has made the leap to mobile applications. For the industry, this opens up opportunities to present brand information and product value to consumers in a different way - the emphasis is on providing an engaged experience.

Ace Fung: "Digital content now leaps ahead through augmented reality, the supplementary information is provided in real-time - for example in 3D, as a game, video, text or animation. The advantage is that the information is made available right there and then, when it's needed. Augmented reality opens up a whole new dimension of interaction between product and customer. Information is presented as infotainment - integrated into a modern packaging design and tailored to the relevant target audience and the relevant subject matter. Through this interaction, the consumer is immersed with a product more deeply than before, allowing simple information to become an experience."

Smart packaging design

A recent study by Germany's Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has shown that when buying food, 20 percent of consumers already use their smartphones to find further information about products right at POS. The industry is taking a new approach to on-pack marketing and bringing it in line with the needs of modern consumers and new buying trends.  Ace Fung: "Food and beverage manufacturers should look at these behavioural changes as opportunities to create engaging packaging designs with this tech that address consumer's needs in an interactive way".

Launched in Brazil

AR on SIG Combibloc carton packs were initially launched in Brazil, where SIG Combibloc Brazil presented for the first time the new technology at Fispal 2015. Together with Massfar, a Brazilian Authorised Partner of Zappar, various concepts were developed on carton packs for the local market.

The feedback from Fispal visitors on the new AR technology was consistently positive. The outcome: two customers have already signed up for Zappar, and their carton packs with zapcodes are already on sale. Marajoara Alimentos and Sabe are leading the way with engaging infotainment supported by Zappar's technology. 

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Expansion already planned

Marajoara has used zapcodes on carton packs since the beginning of 2016. With the company's sweetened condensed milk, AR content delivers a video which encourages the user to prepare a dessert using the product.

The company's chocolate milk carton packs also hides a surprise, an environmental quiz which invites children and adolescents to find out how to protect the environment in a fun and educational way. Furthermore, consumers can take a selfie with the company's 'Chokynho' brand's cartoon figure, and then post it on social networks. André Junqueira, Managing Director of Marajoara: "For us, innovations like this are crucial to enable us to offer our customers added value time and time again".

Brazilian company Sabe also sees opportunities with Zappar. Consumers can scan the zapcode on packs of the company's lactose-free milk to receive information to their mobile devices on how lactose-free milk is produced along with recipe suggestions.

Ace Fung: "The more interactive and engaging the content is, the more likely it will resonate positively in consumers' minds. With the aid of AR, brand owners can expand the experience beyond the product itself, and enable consumers to interact closely with the brand. Ultimately, this has a positive impact on brand image and sales".

Max Dawes, Partnerships Director at Zappar added: "We like working with thought-leading brands who are thinking deeply about how they can reimagine the relationship between their physical products and the digital world. One of the reasons we are so excited to be partnering with SIG Combibloc is their commitment to delivering class-leading solutions in this brave new world. Packaging is a perfect use case for our technology. It is the 'earned media' in consumers' homes, sitting on the kitchen table, that can be made into an interactive multi-media portal - surprising and delighting consumers whilst providing a huge amount of data for the brand."

About Zappar

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