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Our cartons - sustainable by nature

Making a difference

More sustainable by nature: With a high share of forest-based renewable materials, lightweight and space-saving, designed to be fully recyclable, and produced with 100% renewable electricity, SIG beverage cartons are the proven lowest carbon footprint choice compared with alternative packaging options1.

High share of renewable materials and 100% of paperboard purchased with FSC™ certification
(license code: FSC® C020428)

Designed to be fully recyclable

Lowest carbon footprint compared to other packaging alternatives1. Produced with 100% renewable electricity.

Space-saving and lightweight

High share of renewable raw materials

On average, SIG cartons are made from 75% paperboard — a forest-based and renewable resource. Well-managed trees can grow quickly and be regenerated at a sustainable rate, absorbing carbon dioxide as they grow and contributing to a lower carbon footprint packaging. We’re the first and the only in the industry to source 100% of the paperboard used in our packs from FSCTM-certified and other controlled sources, ensuring the forests we source from are responsibly managed (license code: FSCTM C020428). All SIG cartons can carry the FSCTM Mix label on pack, showcasing your commitment to responsible sourcing direct to consumers.

Smart design: space-saving and lightweight

SIG carton packaging is designed to use minimal materials — the average SIG carton packaged product is just 6% packaging and 94% product. 


The efficient shape of our carton packs means that, after filling, you can stack them closely with minimal wasted space. This makes our cartons more efficient to transport than round shapes such as bottles.


Aseptic packaging offers the added benefit of transportation, storage, and display without the need for refrigeration.

Designed for recycling

SIG beverage cartons offer a responsible choice that is fully recyclable by design. The raw materials from used cartons can be separated and recycled to make new products, keeping valuable resources in circulation:

  • The high-quality paper fiber can be separated and recycled for reuse at paper mills.
  • The remaining polymer and aluminium mix (PolyAl) can be reused together for roof tiles or furniture or separated for a wider range of applications.

Made with 100% renewable energy

Since 2018, all our packs and closures are made using 100% renewable energy, making us the first in the aseptic carton industry to achieve carbon neutral production.


We are committed to offering the lowest carbon solutions available and to further cutting emissions at every stage of our value chain — from sourcing of raw materials to production, transportation, filling, and recycling of our packs.

Responsibly sourced raw materials

We uphold the highest standards in sourcing our raw materials responsibly. 100% of our liquid packaging board is FSCTM-certified. We’re the industry’s first to offer the ultra-thin layer of aluminium foil in our packs with Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certification, supporting responsible sourcing from mine to metal. And we’re the only packaging provider to offer customers packs carrying the ASI label. We’re also using International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certification for the small amount of forest-based renewable polymers and recycled polymers in our SIG Terra portfolio solutions.

Best-in-class every step of the way

Independent lifecycle assessments show that SIG cartons offer significantly better environmental performance than alternative packaging such as glass, HDPE or PET bottles, pouches and cans — for a range of products including long-life food, UHT milk and non-carbonated soft drinks.


SIG beverage cartons have a lifecycle carbon footprint 23% to 70% lower than alternative packaging.

SIG Terra - industry-leading sustainable packaging innovations

Today’s consumers want packaging solutions that help to reduce their impact on the environment. To help meet this demand, we developed our SIG Terra portfolio, a truly comprehensive offering of the most sustainable and responsible aseptic packaging materials.