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Spouted Pouch

SIG’s sustainable spouted pouch packaging

Spouted pouches are already very sustainable

Lightweight packaging

Our spouted pouch solutions are lightweight without compromising on barrier or durability.

Low-emission solution

Our packaging is designed to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Less energy-intensive

By design, our spouted pouches are less energy-intensive throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Reduced food waste

Due to the malleable nature of our spouted pouches, less product residual is left in the pack.

Optimized product-to-package ratio

Our spouted pouch solutions allow you to pack more product with less material.

SIG Terra spouted pouch solutions

Recycle-ready spouted pouches featuring simplified structures and tethered caps without compromising on barrier.


Spouted pouch packaging

We specialize in spouted pouch design and technology with a focus on the development of unique and innovative performance solutions. Combining our decades of experience with deep industry understanding, we bring exceptional value to our global customers, whether they need retail or foodservice pouches.