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Hands-on solutions through SIG Consulting Services

Shoulder-to-shoulder support to optimize operations

At SIG, we pride ourselves as being on the cutting edge of filling equipment and our team of experts works to stay ahead on industry trends and provide meaningful insights to our clients. Depending on your region, we can provide consulting services in:

SIG Food Safety

SIG QuickScan

SIG EcoFilling

Keeping the line safe with SIG Food Safety Consulting

One of the biggest challenges in the filling industry is keeping products safe and sterile.

Our experts can provide a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your processes to make sure they’re as safe as possible while ensuring efficiency and reduced downtimes and complaints.



We assess food safety protocols throughout the lifespan of your equipment:

  • Production startup phase: We can make sure your equipment is installed and designed to minimizefood safety concerns in the early stages of your production line.
  • Product development: We provide support for new products and changes to equipment.
  • Optimizing quality procedures: We help you to design quality control procedures and how to interpret test results and implement improvements based on findings.
  • Advice on legal requirements: We can advise you on HACCP procedures and FDA rules.
  • Microbiological testing: We can conduct hygiene and production tests, assess sterility, and give shelf-life proposals.
  • Equipment validation: We can validate (and revalidate) your equipment to make sure it meets whatever standards you choose.

Identify improvement points with SIG QuickScan Consulting

QuickScan is an SIG tool we use to identify opportunities for improvement on your line. We do this in two phases:

  • Analysis of current situation/data: We take a scan of your production site and look at your technical setup, production organization, and the microbiological and quality aspects of your products.
  • Identifying improvement opportunities: We create a defined action plan for steps you can take to improve processes we’ve identified as either slowing down the line or impacting quality outcomes. Our solutions are always designed with the goal to improve efficiency, prioritize organization, and leave you with fewer quality issues.

Responsible production through SIG EcoFill Consulting

We take our responsibility to the environment seriously, which means we work with our clients to develop eco-friendly products across the lifespan of your equipment: from your filling machine to the packaging material.


Our focus is on reducing resource and energy use and lowering CO2 emissions. With our SIG EcoFill Consulting, we strive for sustainable and TFC improvements for your production: we analyze your installed machine base, identify improvement potentials, show tailor-made proposals for your machines and track of realized savings and gains after implementation.





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