Let's create the best-looking packs together

When designing your SIG aseptic carton pack, there are a number of specific requirements to be observed due to the printing process.

To make this easy, we’ve created a simple overview of everything you need to know and are always happy to assist you and your design department or agency. So, together, we can produce the best possible print image on your aseptic carton packs.


Please watch the following video to get the most important information to bear in mind when designing SIG aseptic carton packs.

All figures and values mentioned in the video are summarized in the following factsheet.

SIG design factsheet

Artwork Manuals: everything you need in one place

Our Artwork Manuals contain all the information you need when planning and revising a design on an SIG carton pack. From working with keylines and opening devices to colour composition, right up to the data transfer, we’ve collected everything in one handy document.

Artwork Manual for Rotogravure Printing

Manual for DIGIMARC barcodes

Artwork Manual SIG Dome

Artwork Manual SIG SafeBloc

Artwork Manual SIG Smile

Artwork Manual SIG Style

Artwork Manual SIG Vita

Keylines for every aseptic carton design

Our keylines form the basis for all designs on SIG aseptic carton packs. For each carton format and volume (e.g. SIG MidiBloc 1,000ml), you’ll find a file with all the technical details you need, such as cut lines and crease lines, as well as text areas.


Color matching made simple

Color systems like Pantone can’t be used in our print process since food regulations and carton materials limit color choice. But that doesn't mean you can’t use these colors. The SIG Color Guide contains all possible spot colors that can be used in our rotogravure printing process and on our packaging material. So go ahead and design with the colors you want. In the pre-print process, we’ll simply adjust and match them to our color system.


More sustainable by nature

We’re the first and the only in the industry to source 100% of the paperboard used in our packs from FSC™-certified and other controlled sources (FSC™ C020428).
Furthermore, we’re the industry’s first to offer the ultra-thin layer of aluminium foil in our packs with Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certification.
In our SIG Terra portfolio solutions we’re using International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certification for the small amount of forest-based renewable polymers and recycled polymers.

FSC Labelling Guide

FSC Trademark Registration List

ASI Labelling Guide


Product safety and quality as well as environmental, safety and information security management are essential requirements for us to satisfy the needs of our customers from around the world.