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Our complete range of carton packs

Whether you need a small 80ml pack for one-shot beverages or large 2,000ml volumes for family demand or foodservice, we have packages that flexibly cater to every target group and occasion. 

The bloc shape: simple and convenient

For several years, our classic bloc-format has been one of the leading carton packs for aseptic food and beverages. With our bloc-formats you can easily expand your target market by offering your products in different volumes. From single-serve packs up to large-size packs, our bloc-formats cover all options. 

  • Available for all kind of product categories
  • Choose the format and volume ranges that best fit your requirements
SIG XSlimBloc
80 - 200ml / 2.7 - 6.8fl oz
SIG MiniBloc
125 - 250ml / 4.2 - 8.5fl oz
SIG CompactBloc
200 - 500ml / 6.8 - 16.9fl oz
SIG SafeBloc
200 - 500ml / 6.8 - 16.9fl oz
SIG SlimlineBloc
500 - 1100ml / 16.9 - 37.2fl oz
SIG StandardBloc
500 - 1100ml / 16.9 - 37.2fl oz
SIG MaxiBloc
1000 - 2000ml / 33.8 - 67.6fl oz

Our format families: SIG Bloc, SIG Fit, and SIG Style on one machine

In addition to our standard bloc-format, we offer the fit-format featuring a sloping top and one-step opening closure, was added to the range, giving producers plenty of room to express their brands and offer added convenience. Most recently, we added the style-format to one of the family-formats to have another differentiating element to stand out on the shelves without compromising convenience or logistical benefits of a bloc-format. Provided the same base-dimensions, bloc, fit, and style formats can be filled on the same filling machine with volume and format changes taking just a few minutes. 

SIG Midi
500 - 1000ml / 16.9 - 33.8fl oz
SIG Premium
500 - 1000ml / 16.9 - 33.8fl oz
SIG Magnum
1500 - 1500ml / 50.7 - 50.7fl oz
SIG Small
150 - 350ml / 5.1 - 11.8fl oz

SIG Smile: the perfect on-the-go solution

With its curved, modern shape and easy-grip corners, SIG Smile is easy to use on-the-go, and is designed to stand out on retail shelves. Available in two footprints, several volumes and the option to use a straw or one-step opening.

SIG SmileBig

SIG SmileBig

SIG SmileSmall

SIG SmileSmall

SIG Vita: our next generation packaging

Products need to fit effortlessly into everyday life, making it simple and easy. SIG Vita lives up to all of these expectations. It makes opening, holding, pouring, closing, and storing easier - putting the fun back in functional.

Meet SIG Vita: our next generation packaging and technology. This package clearly stands out on the shelves and convinces with a lot of sustainable advantages.  

SIG Vita

SIG Dome: carton meets bottle

With SIG Dome, we combined the best of two worlds. SIG Dome offers all the protective, environmental, and logistical benefits of a carton pack and at the same time the convenience of a bottle thanks to its light weight and central closure position. We now added the small-size version of the successful format to our range.

SIG Dome

SIG Dome

NEW to the family: SIG DomeMini

SIG DomeMini