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SIG Food Options

Expand your product portfolio on standard SIG filling machines

With Food Option filling machines from SIG you can go beyond standard dairy and other beverages by filling pasty, highly viscous food products, and even products with some particulate content in aseptic carton packs. Our SIG Food Options filling technology offers the opportunity to expand product lines and boost brands while keeping a lid on production costs. In the dairy sector, for example, food manufacturers can tap into entirely new business segments. Because it is not just milk and milk-mix beverages that can be filled using the aseptic Food Option filling machines – more viscous puddings, dessert sauces, and custard are possible as well.

New segments - low investment

Standard SIG filling machines featuring the Food Option solution include minor technical adjustments that allow producers to fill a wide range of additional food products:​

  • Chunky product ingredients up to 15% ​
  • Particulates up to 6mm​
  • Fibers 1x15mm​
  • Viscosity up to 3,500mPas
  • High-quality products are possible since the original flavor, color, and heat-sensitive vitamins can be retained
  • Long shelf-life without refrigeration or preservatives


  • Achieve higher margins with new added-value products
  • Low investment: Leverage standard aseptic filling equipment to expand your product range without investing in a separate solution for filling food products
  • Test the market: Expand your product range or enter new markets
  • SIG Food Options technology combines low complexity and high performance
  • Same tried and tested flexibility as SIG standard aseptic filling machines: Several volumes on one machine
  • Up to 12,000 carton packs per hour
Food option solution is available for

Small-size formats: SIG SmallBloc and SIG CompactBloc

SIG Aseptic filling equipment for small-size packs

Medium-size formats like: SIG Midi, SIG StandardBloc, and SIG SlimlineBloc

SIG Aseptic filling equipment for medium-size packs

SIG Food Options solution is available for:

SIG StandardBloc
500 - 1100ml / 16.9 - 37.2fl oz
SIG SlimlineBloc
500 - 1100ml / 16.9 - 37.2fl oz
SIG Midi
500 - 1000ml / 16.9 - 33.8fl oz
SIG CompactBloc
200 - 500ml / 6.8 - 16.9fl oz
SIG Small
150 - 350ml / 5.1 - 11.8fl oz