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A roundup of the right questions

Sustainability isn’t an easy area to navigate for the food and beverage industry. Let us look back at our discussion on the varied aspects and why asking the right questions is key.
Ask it right

The sustainability conversation is becoming increasingly important as organizations and consumers worldwide opt for greener choices. However, making these decisions is anything but easy and finding the right balance is key, especially in the food and beverage industry where the considerations span multiple aspects. So, how can we navigate these complex decisions?

The answer lies in asking the right questions, which look into the entire lifecycle of products, from sourcing and production to distribution, disposal, and beyond. Let’s look back at some of the aspects highlighted throughout the Ask it right series.

How to ask the right questions about sustainability

Asking the right questions needs the right approach. Sustainability is not a solo journey

with each stakeholder in the supply chain playing a crucial role. Therefore, choosing the right partner for every element of the product offering is vital. So, how should food and beverage manufacturers go about examining the key aspects, which can help lower their product’s footprint?

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Why the big picture matters?

Sustainability is probably one of the most complex areas that organizations need to navigate today, making it vital to look beyond perceptions. The triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit – is the foundation of any sustainability journey. And it starts with a multidimensional outlook that spans the entire product lifecycle. So, what makes up the big picture and why is it so important to understand the full impact?

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Data that makes sustainability tangible 

What cannot be measured cannot be claimed – it is as simple as that. For all our focus on the big picture and the full impact, how can businesses really examine sustainability credentials?
Data can be the differentiator here with a wide range of metrics and data points telling the whole story. So, what are these different kinds of data and where does one find them?

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How to package food safely and sustainably

Sustainability takes on an extra layer of complexity when it comes to food and beverage packaging. No wonder the food and beverage manufacturers need to balance the tightrope between stringent health and safety regulations and environmental responsibility. So, how are packaging companies and manufacturers leading with innovation to lower their environmental impact while ensuring food safety?

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3 questions beyond recycling

Is it recyclable? The question takes center stage when discussing packaging. But every product or package has a lifecycle that extends well beyond its time on store shelves. From the materials that go into the pack to the importance of product-to-package ratio, what are the other important questions that need to be asked to truly understand the sustainability credentials of a product?

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The right packaging partner

Needless to say, the right partners make all the difference in an organization’s sustainability journey.
We, at SIG, are committed to continuously lowering our and our customers’ environmental footprint. Therefore, our portfolio has a varied range of sustainable packaging solutions, spanning cartons, spouted pouches, and bag-in-box. Take  , our portfolio of most sustainable packaging materials innovations. Regardless of where you are in your sustainability journey, we can help you achieve your sustainability goals. Get in touch to explore how.  

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