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How is tech and packaging driving the pulse of foodservice?

Foodservice is a tenacious industry that continues to rise above challenges. Explore the key drivers and differentiating technology in this sector.

A breakfast bagel. A takeaway coffee. A meal or a drink on the run. Most of us rely on foodservice in some form or other. If it is not eating out in a restaurant, it is a drink from the neighborhood convenience store or a snack from a favorite quick service restaurant.


No wonder the global foodservice market value is forecasted to be $5.4 trillion by 2030

So, why can we not do without foodservice? How does the industry set itself apart? And what are the unique challenges and differentiators?


The matter of differences

Foodservice covers everything from fancy fine-dining restaurants to hip food trucks. But each type of eatery comes with its own set of challenges and driving factors when it comes to offering an optimum experience to their customers while maintaining bottom lines.


For quick service restaurants (QSR), the challenge lies in balancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness with the growing demand for offerings on the menu. Take the instance of American consumers with 84% willing to pay up to 15% more for healthier options in fast-food chains. Convenience retail stores on the other hand also need to ensure high-quality offerings within the fast-paced retail environment.


Convenience and experience

Convenience and experience are key drivers fueling growth in foodservice.  Quality, taste, and service are key to enhancing the consumer experience and building brand loyalty. is a top ask for both today’s consumer and foodservice operators. Providing an exceptional experience often involves ensuring convenience of the consumers too, making both factors interdependent. 


“In the world of foodservice and quick service restaurants, the big trend is all about getting products into consumers' hands fast. Think drinks, shakes, sundaes – you name it. We're providing high-volume ingredients in flexible packaging to these places so that they can dispense their products quickly. And that is a real benefit for the customer.”
Carmen Houston, Head of Marketing ANZ


The challenges of today  

Despite recent challenges, be it the after-effects of the pandemic or the current geopolitical unrest and economic downturn, the foodservice industry has adapted through innovations like cloud kitchens and digital experiences, staying relevant. Today, labor shortages, rising ingredients costs, and supply chain disruptions continue to be top challenges with inflation being a concern for 87% of operators.


Game-changing technology

Technology is a game-changer in meeting today’s challenges with intelligent and automated solutions, helping foodservice establishments across the board to be more agile and profitable. Technologies like smart dispensing are not only boosting resource efficiency but also helping reduce food waste, drive down and promote sustainable practices. Take how the milk dispenser designed by Six Simple Machines, Juggler, is transforming the way coffee is made. See the video to learn how the dispensing technology, supported by flexible packaging and SIG’s unique QuickSeal Sentry SafeLock™ is improving operational efficiency in cafes and QSRs across the world while reducing their plastic waste substantially.

The crucial role of packaging

A dispensing machine, however advanced or simple, relies heavily on appropriate packaging as mentioned in the video above. The right packaging and fitments are essential for meeting both consumer expectations and evolving standards in the foodservice industry.  Today, 93% of operators believe that being more sustainable is key to being more competitive.  Whether you are dispensing coffee, milkshakes, or sodas, ingredients packed in shelf-stable bag-in-box or cartons ensure complete food safety without refrigeration, minimizing waste and helping our customers achieve their goals.


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