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Bag-in-box filling technology

For over 60 years, SIG has engineered, built, and serviced a wide range of filling equipment for bag-in-box packaging. From manual fillers for low barrier to entry in the bag-in-box market, to fully automatic, aseptic-capable bag-in-box systems, we have what you need to provide a diverse range of products in environmentally-conscious packaging.

Flexibility is key for bag-in-box filling

Our bag-in-box filling equipment is widely known not just for its reliability, but also for its flexibility. With one bag-in-box filling solution, you can:

  • Fill a variety of volumes, allowing you to reach retail consumers, ecommerce consumers, and foodservice operations all with one piece of equipment
  • Fill a variety of package formats with various fitments, allowing you to fill packages for at-home consumption through connections for dispensing equipment

Our flexibility also allows us to grow with you:

  • Manual bag-in-box filling equipment helps you get started in bag-in-box, while our fully-automatic, web-fed fillers allow you to scale up to high-volume production runs
  • Our filling solutions are compatible with products requiring ambient, ESL (ultra-clean), and aseptic processing

Bag-in-box filling equipment

SIG SureFill 44 Duo filling equipment
SIG SureFill 42 Aseptic
SIG SureFill 40
SIG SureFill 12
SIG TrueFill 21 filling equipment
SIG TrueFill 900 filling equipment

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