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Tethered closures

Customers are facing increasing demand for sustainable packaging from consumers and regulators, with focus on single-use plastics to tackle today’s concerns about plastic waste leaking into the environment, especially into the world’s oceans.

SIG has developed tethered caps ready for market launch well in advance of the 2024 deadline given by the Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUP) in Europe to reassure customers that SIG remains the right partner to help them meet consumer demand for sustainable packaging and stay ahead of European regulatory requirements.

Tethered caps by SIG

SIG developed closures with caps that remain attached to the pack. It is conveniently designed to facilitate recycling as the cap remains attached to the pack, preventing littering by making it more likely to be collected and recycled together once the product has been consumed.

The first tethered closures introduced by SIG are SIG MaxxCap Linked and SIG SwiftCap Linked for our core family-size carton portfolio as well as SIG DomeCap Linked for our premium SIG Dome format. SIG’s tethered caps use a robust double-hinge solution that proved highly suitable for consumers during market research.

With SIG SmartCap Linked, the first tethered closures for single-serve packs from SIG is now available.

SIG MaxxCap Linked
SIG MaxxCap Linked
SIG SwiftCap Linked
SIG SwiftCap Linked
SIG DomeCap Linked
SIG DomeCap Linked

No compromise on convenience

When the pack is opened for pouring, the cap can be firmly fixed at the desired position by pressing it down until it clicks. This means the consumer can pour from the pack without the cap getting in the way and without needing to hold down the cap with their fingers. To close the pack, the cap is simply lifted slightly before closing it the usual way.

There is no compromise on convenience when pouring or drinking from the pack, and tethering the cap to the pack adds convenience by avoiding the cap getting lost. The pack can be opened and closed easily as needed until it is empty, then the cap and the pack can be recycled together.

Easy-to-apply solution

SIG’s ambition is to develop the most sustainable and responsible innovations while ensuring that they meet future customer needs, further advancing environmentally sound perspectives.

Our goal is to provide easy-to-apply solutions for our customers, and our new tethered caps will deliver on this promise:

  • Compatible with existing filling lines to deliver highest simplicity: capable to run tethered and untethered caps on the same equipment with minimal changeover
  • Minimal conversion effort needed on SIG applicators. No changes required to our customers’ package designs
  • No impact on our customers’ secondary package or logistics

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