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Our carton packaging is a safe, sustainable, and convenient choice. Our packs are designed to protect a wide range of beverage products, with innovative packaging structures to enable even better sustainability performance. We offer unique and flexible aseptic solutions that deliver highest food safety and quality with up to 12 months of shelf life without the need for refrigeration or preservatives. Utilizing renewable and fully recyclable materials, our packs use considerably fewer fossil fuels and have a smaller carbon footprint than alternative packaging.

Carton formats

Championing flexibility.

From affordable to premium, we offer a full range of carton pack formats. Choose the one that best fits your products and brands.

  • Choose between 20 formats - small-size, medium-size and large-size packs, ranging from 80ml to 2,000ml
  • Benefit from 4 display surfaces for product communication
Carton formats

Opening solutions

We offer a range of high-quality, convenient closures ensuring every pack can be opened easily without tools, poured without drips and resealed after use. 

  • One-step opening screw caps for all carton sizes
  • Various straw hole sizes
  • Perforations

Flexible aseptic filling

Our cartons seamlessly run on our flexible, high-speed, and efficient filling equipment. SIG's sleeve-based filling and ultrasonic sealing technology enables the agility to switch volumes and formats at unmatched, short changeover times, with high speed maintained at all flexibility levels. 

  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • TCO-optimized
Filling technology

Packaging structures

Choose between several sustainable structures we offer at SIG - developed to fit to the product filled. 

  • Sustainable by nature with a very high share of renewable material
  • Special structures for special requirements (e.g., microwaveable or food products)
  • SIG Terra solutions (e.g., no aluminum layer, forest-based or circular polymers)
Packaging structures

Sustainable by nature

The sustainable choice

With a high share of forest-based renewable materials, a lightweight and space-saving design, full recyclability, and produced using 100% renewable energy, SIG beverage cartons are the proven lowest carbon footprint choice compared with alternative packaging options.

Our cartons - sustainable by nature