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Connecting to conscious consumers

In part two of our Connect to Nature series, we explore the global issues consumers care about and how sustainability can lead to greater brand engagement
In part two of our Connect to Nature series, we explore the global issues consumers care about and how sustainability can lead to greater brand engagement


In part one of our Connect to Nature series, we saw how businesses are under consumer pressure to consider their environmental and social impact. But why are consumers today more environmentally aware? How is it affecting their choices? And what do they expect from brands?


Why consumers care


All over the world, consumers are facing the same reality. They’re increasingly concerned about global issues like pollution, natural resources and packaging waste. And in every market they’re considering the impact of their actions and exercising their power through the products they buy.


In this reality, consumers are thinking about more than price and experience; they’re actively prioritising brands that promote sustainability and positive choices. They expect companies to do more than make a profit. They expect them to be honest about everything from how materials are sourced to a product’s impact on the environment.  





Staying informed


With consumers more conscious in their choices, brands that make sourcing and sustainability information easily accessible will stand out. According to research, 88% of UK shoppers want on-pack information that highlights how environmentally-friendly it is. But there’s clearly a limit to how much information can be presented on packaged products.



With new digital technologies and track-and-trace capabilities, connected packaging is turning physical packages into interactive tools. With a simple smartphone scan, consumers can access detailed information on sourcing, materials, quality and more. So brands can not only inform but engage and inspire consumers looking to make more sustainable choices.  


Creating a connection


SIG offers a range of connected packaging solutions as part of its Connected Pack platform. These solutions are enabled via unique on-pack QR codes that allow you to see the entire product journey. Because of this, consumers get more product transparency and brand engagement, while producers can build loyalty, gather unique market insights and even increase sales.


Watch the film to see how SIG’s Connected Pack solutions work…



The potential for brands


Want to know what consumers think about connected packaging, how they’re using it and what this means for brands? We answer these questions and more in our blog report revealing the potential of QR codes. Check out the results and download the report here.


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