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Tag: Connect to nature

October 30, 2019
Connect to nature with SIG
In part five of our Connect to Nature series, we roundup the journey so far and look at how you can take the next step to sustainability with SIG
September 06, 2019
Closing the loop on packaging
In part four of our Connect to Nature series, we look at how digital technology can help close the loop on packaging and drive true sustainability
August 02, 2019
Making supply chains sustainable
In the next part of our Connect to Nature series, we take a look at how connected packaging can help supply chains become more sustainable and efficient
July 17, 2019
Connecting to conscious consumers
In part two of our Connect to Nature series, we explore the global issues consumers care about and how sustainability can lead to greater brand engagement
July 05, 2019
Being clear on sustainability
In part one of our new Connect to Nature series, we see why it’s more important than ever for businesses to show they’re supporting sustainability