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Privacy Notice

if you visit our premises

This supplemental Privacy Notice explains what personal data we collect about you when you visit one of our premises (“Sites”). This Privacy notice should be read in conjunction with the main Privacy Notice.


SIG Group AG reserves the right to modify this Privacy Notice at any time. Please periodically review this Privacy Notice so that you know, among other things, what personal data we collect, how we use it, and with whom we may share it.


Which types of personal data do we process?

Personal data is any information that directly or indirectly relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. Which (types of) personal data we process, depends on the relationship you have with SIG. We may process the following personal data about you:


Personal data that you provide when you visit our premises


When you visit our office premises, we commonly process the following personal data:

  • Video surveillance systems on our business premises may collect images of visitors.
  • Visitors may be required to register at the reception desk and leave their contact information, such as name, job title, work and private telephone numbers, work and private email addresses, other contact information or their reason for visiting.
  • Children's data: Although our services are not intentionally designed for or directed at children, we may occasionally receive details about children, e.g. when children attend events, accompanied by their parents or guardians.

What are the legal grounds for the processing of your personal data?

We process the personal data listed for the following reasons:

Safeguarding our legitimate interests, e.g. security in our buildings, traceability, identification, and processing and administration of guests in our buildings.


How long do we retain your personal data?

CCTV footage is a type of personal data that is governed under applicable data protection legislation. Our organization takes the responsibility of handling this data with the utmost seriousness. In accordance with our data retention policy and relevant legal requirements, we retain CCTV footage and related data for a period not to exceed 30 days, unless an incident requires the footage to be held for further investigation or it is necessary to comply with a legal obligation. After the expiry of the retention period, the footage is securely erased or anonymized to ensure that personal data is not kept longer than necessary. In certain circumstances, if the footage is relevant to a legal claim or is required by governmental authorities, it may be retained for a longer period as per the specific legal requirements. We continually review and update our retention practices to comply with current data protection laws and ensure the security and privacy of the individuals captured in CCTV recordings.