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SIG CompactBloc

Our SIG CompactBloc is the ideal packaging solution for liquid food products.
  • 5 volumes and convenient opening solutions
  • Ideal for food products
  • Serve various product segments with one line

It's compact & convenient!

SIG CompactBloc is the preferred small-size format for liquid food products. This includes milk, evaporated and condensed milk and other dairy-based products as well as foods like soups, sauces and tomato preparations, ready meals or desserts. Depending on the product, choose the opening solution that fits best: straw, screw cap or perforation.

Matching equipment: SIG Compact 12 Aseptic and SIG Compact 12 Aseptic Food

  • SIG Compact 12 Aseptic can fill up to 12,000 packs / hour
  • 7 volumes (200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 350ml, 375ml, 400ml, 500ml) 
  • Quick change-over time between different volumes
  • Add value to products with food option kit: fill products with higher viscosity and up to 15% particulates
  • SIG Compact 12 Food Aseptic: aseptic filling machine with special food technology for up to 50% solid content

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Opening solutions

  • Perforations - including a complete perforation for easy opening of the entire top without tools
  • Straw holes
  • SIG SmartCap: A one-step opening closure specially designed for small-size carton packs

Package sizes

200ml/6.8fl oz
250ml/8.5fl oz
300ml/10.1fl oz
350ml/11.8fl oz
375ml/12.7fl oz
400ml/13.5fl oz
500ml/16.9fl oz

Available structures

Standard structures for NCSD and Liquid Dairy products
SIG Terra solutions
Food structure

SIG Aseptic filling equipment for small-size packs

SIG Aseptic filling equipment for small-size packs