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SIG StandardBloc

The tried and tested classic SIG StandardBloc format will retain vitamins, nutrients, flavors, and color of the packaged food - without the need for refrigeration or preservatives.​
  • Flexible and convenient: 4 volumes and different opening solutions
  • Perfect solution for liquid food products
  • Aseptic technology for gentle product treatment

Perfect for a busy lifestyle

With today’s busy lifestyles, convenience is more important to consumers than ever before. ​But not at the expense of their nutrition and health. They want both. And that’s where our SIG StandardBloc aseptic solution comes in. ​Food that is packed in our classic SIG StandardBloc format will retain its vitamins, nutrients, flavors, and colors. And will stay fresh for long periods without the need for refrigeration or preservatives.​

Available openings

  • Perforations
  • One-step opening closures SIG SwiftCap and SIG MaxxCap (tethered options available)

Matching equipment: SIG Standard 12 Aseptic and SIG Standard 12 Aseptic Food

  • SIG Standard 12 Aseptic can fill up to 12,000 packs / hour
  • 4 volumes (500ml, 750ml, 1,000ml, and 1,100ml) 
  • Quick change-over time between different volumes
  • Add value to products with our food option kit: fill products with higher viscosity and up to 15% particulates
  • SIG Standard 12 Food Aseptic: aseptic filling machine with special food technology for up to 50% solid content
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Package sizes

500ml/16.9fl oz
750ml/25.4fl oz
1000ml/33.8fl oz
1100ml/37.2fl oz

Available structures

Standard structures for NCSD and Liquid Dairy products
SIG Terra solutions
Food structure