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SIG Terra ReadiFlip Cap 210 Pouch

Offer consumers a directionally-oriented pour spout for dispensing less viscous products with an easy-to-use cap that screws onto the spout and locks into place to ensure product sterility.
  • Integrated tamper evidence
  • 21mm inner diameter
  • Flip-top design ensures pouch won't twist when pouring

Freshness, on-the-go

Introducing the SIG Terra ReadiFlip Cap 210 Pouch, a convenient flip-top pouch solution that’s designed to enhance your packaging experience with its easy-to-use functionality and long-lasting product freshness. With this directionally-oriented, easy-to-pour spout, consumers can quickly and easily dispense a wide variety of products, from soaps to pet food toppers.

Key features

The SIG Terra ReadiFlip Cap 210 works well in horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) applications. When combined with our barrier films and top of the line equipment, you can preserve the freshness of your spouted pouch products while extending their shelf life. This spouted pouch solution provides a sleek, easy-to-open solution for people of all ages and abilities, while the pouring spout allows for directional dispensing.

Known process applications


Occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment.

Package sizes

750ml/25fl oz
500ml/16.9fl oz
1000ml/33.8fl oz

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Equipment solutions

SIG Motion Series

Horizontal form-fill-seal system (HFFS) designed to elevate efficiency, speed, and quality.

  • Servo technology enables multiple independent movements of machine parts
  • Features HMI display for instructions and troubleshooting
  • Parallel motion of sealing bars enables improved seal quality

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Film and laminates

SIG Terra RecShield Film 45B

This recycle-ready, transparent film works well for hot-filled or aseptically-sterilized products in pouch packaging.

  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Transparent film for hot-filled or aseptically-sterilized products
  • Recyclable with other polyethylene films where available

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Use occasions

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