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SIG Versi Connect 2750

Quickly and easily connect and dispense beverages with this universal, high-flow beverage fitment, compatible with all relevant post-mix syrup trade connectors.
  • Compatible with all relevant, installed trade connectors
  • High-flow valve for fast dispensing
  • Requires no change parts for filling equipment

Your advanced dispensing solution

The SIG Versi Connect 2750 is the ultimate solution for dispensing post-mix beverage syrup products with precision and ease. Its advanced technology and user-friendly design combines precision, versatility, and reliability to ensure accurate and controlled dispensing, providing an enhanced experience for both consumers and businesses.

  • Mistake-proof your dispensed beverage program with a bag-in-box fitment that works with any relevant installed post-mix syrup connectors on the market.
  • Looking to install a new system? Our connector range includes “T”, “S”, and “L” styles for dispensing systems of various configurations.

Key features

Foodservice and other institutional operations are fast-paced and rely on consistency to meet customer demands. Reducing product and time waste are critical for business profitability. This is where the SIG Versi Connect 2750 bag-in-box comes in! Dispense your products safely and economically with this closed-loop bag-in-box package, designed for pump-out dispensers using a screw-on connector to a two-position cap. The SIG Versi Connect 2750 is ideal for soft drink applications. This solution offers:

  • Compatible with all relevant trade beverage fountain connectors
  • High-flow fitment valve allows for the pumping of more-viscous products and products with pulp
  • This universal fitment system eliminates the need for the keeping of dual inventory at the bottler level
  • Fitment requires no change parts for your filling equipment
  • Works with the SIG DipStrip evacuation system
  • SIG connector options available

How it works

Known process applications


Occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment.

Package sizes


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Equipment solutions

SIG SureFill 44 Duo

The SIG SureFill 44 Duo offers versatility and speed for a wide range of applications and volumes.

  • Fills 25-27 bags per minute 
  • Ideal for ambient-filled products
  • Automatic, web-fed filler
  • Fills packages up to 22L

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Film and laminates

SIG DuraTech Laminate

This laminate is a three-layer, BON thermal laminate that works well in non-barrier bag-in-box applications.

  • BON provides exceptional durability
  • Ideal for bag-in-box applications
  • Excellent aroma barrier for chemical products

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Product variations

“Straight” Connector

For dispensing from a single unit rack.

“T” Connector

For high-volume dispensing systems where products can be chained together.

“L” Connector

 For dispensing from a single unit rack where space is tight.

Use occasions

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