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Carton packaging structures

Value-adding structure options to meet diverse consumer demands

Our packs are designed to protect a wide range of beverage products, with innovative packaging structures to deliver even more sustainability and convenience. And our experienced teams of material scientists are constantly finding new ways to enrich our packaging structure options, in turn broadening your possibilities to even more product categories and use occasions, with longer shelf lives and even better sustainability credentials. 

Over the years, we have successfully introduced a number of unique packaging innovations, such as SIG Heat&Go and our wide-variety of food packaging options, meeting the demands of consumers around the world. Also, we are proud to be leading the industry with our set of sustainable packaging innovations. Under our SIG Terra umbrella, we combine sustainable structures without aluminum, with forest-based polymers, or circular polymers.

Standard structures

Producing aseptic packaging for liquid food and beverages requires complex, multi-layered material compositions that fulfill highest demands in terms of food quality, safety, and more. The main material in our packs is renewable paperboard. To ensure our packs handle different product types – such as milk, juice, and liquid food – this paperboard comes in a range of protective structures featuring thin layers of polyethylene and aluminum.

Our standard: highest quality, safety, and sustainability. The typical material structure for an aseptic carton is a combination of various layers with different raw materials and functions to realize the overall package performance, fulfilling:

  • Product protection (light, oxygen, aroma)
  • Appearance and handling
  • Process capability
  • Transportability
  • Resource efficiency

Food packaging

Explore our food packaging options and related food technologies and choose the optimal solution for your product.

Convenience meets protection

Our aseptic and retortable carton packs are perfect for food products with a high particulate content. This includes everything from soups, sauces, and tomato preparations to pulses, fruit spreads, baby foods, ready meals, desserts, and more. Explore our range of solutions for food!

SIG Heat&Go

Our unique SIG Heat&Go structure enables hot drink concepts based on liquid dairy or dairy alternatives as well as juices and teas, unlocking a wide variety of new and exciting hot drink products.

Microwavable packaging

To meet the growing hot drinks trend, we developed our unique SIG Heat&Go solution. The aluminum foil found inside our standard carton structure was replaced by a high-barrier alternative that allows drinks to be microwaved together with the carton pack without compromising product quality.

SIG Heat&Go

SIG Terra - industry-leading sustainable packaging innovations

SIG Terra is our marker for sustainable packaging innovations, which we constantly evolve for better. We look back at more than 10 years of industry-leading expertise around alu-layer free packaging, which we pioneered by launching the world's first aluminum-free aseptic carton in 2010. Enabled by our flexible and unique sleeve-based filling platform, we have since introduced a series of groundbreaking innovations in the sustainability arena. Going forward, we will further increase our packaging's paper content.