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SIG Dome

Carton meets bottle: SIG Dome offers all the protective, environmental, and logistical benefits of an aseptic carton pack combined with the convenience of a bottle.
  • Stylish and modern look
  • Available in 4 volumes
  • Centrally located closure allows easy pouring and minimizes product residue

Going beyond convenience

Whether at home or on the go, consumers want more than just standard products and experiences. They want more unique, responsible, and added-value products. So, to stand out today, it’s all about creating products that are differentiating by being more innovative, premium, and sustainable than ever.

With its sleek, elegant shape, SIG Dome doesn’t only look good. It’s also highly practical. It is ideal for family breakfasts or people on the go who want to drink straight from the carton. And, as a carton pack, it’s also light in weight and easy to hold.

SIG DomeCap Linked

SIG Dome's raised, central opening means consumers will find it easy to pour from and there is no spillage, drips or content left inside. After initial opening, the closure also guarantees for tight resealing and safe storage. 

  • Large size, centrally positioned closure, easy to open and reclose
  • Perfect pouring: controllable flow of liquid, no gulping or dripping
  • Clearly visible tamper evidence
  • Tethered cap: standard for SIG Dome

Matching equipment: SIG Dome 12 Aseptic

When producing for different markets or channels, SIG Dome offers excellent flexibility.

  • 4 volumes on one filling machine
  • 12,000 packs / hour
  • Quick volume change in a few minutes only
  • Change of décor without interrupting the production process
  • Low waste rate due to ready-made longitudinal seam of SIG Dome sleeves
  • Open container filling: particulate filling possible

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Add value to your products

Our SIG Dome filling machines also support the production of a vast array of product variants in a range of viscosity levels. And all SIG Dome machines are suitable for a SIG Drinksplus kit to fill added-value products with real pieces of cereals, fruits, or vegetables.


Packaging sizes

500ml/16.9fl oz
750ml/25.4fl oz
960ml/33fl oz
1000ml/33.8fl oz

Available structures

Standard structures for NCSD and Liquid Dairy products
SIG Terra solutions

Ideal logistics

SIG Dome’s design also makes the pack more efficient and cost-effective for logistics when compared to a standard gable top carton. SIG Dome can resist greater crushing forces without losing its shape or leaking. Pallets can be loaded with the maximum number of layers without overhang. And there’s fewer requirements in terms of secondary packaging. All of which means greater stability and lower costs. 


Open display tray

Our open display tray for SIG Dome provides the ultimate in protection and presentation. The tray design ensures packs are evenly stacked and safely protected during transport and can later be easily presented on shelves. For the retail market, handling costs go down because the packs can be sold straight from the tray. And consumers also benefit thanks to attractive product presentation and easy removal at the point of sale.

5 Reasons to choose SIG Dome

  • Maximize convenience: Give consumers a greater handling, pouring, and drinking experience
  • Increase your visibility: Differentiate your products so they stand out at the point of sale
  • Produce flexibility: Easily manage décor, volume and product changes on one machine
  • Offer natural packaging: Meet the need for more sustainable and renewable solutions
  • Optimize logistics: Secure low logistics costs and perfect transport protection

SIG Dome filling equipment
SIG DomeMini
180 - 350ml / 6.1 - 11.8fl oz