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SIG MiniBloc

Use a proven and popular sustainable solution that sells worldwide. The timeless and practical package shape is perfect for storage at home and for e-commerce.
  • 5 volumes on one machine
  • Elevate your products with the SIG Drinksplus solution
  • Microwaveable option available
  • Select one of our cutting-edge SIG Terra structures to meet your sustainability goals

Our proven solution

SIG MiniBloc is our proven and popular small-size format. The four printable sides of the slim pack are ideal for communication. 5 different volumes and different structures enable an extensive product range catering to many occasions and channels with one machine platform. The ability to fill 5 volumes and multiple product categories on one machine combines affordability and profitable growth with flexible volume options, high output, and low TCO.


Matching equipment: SIG Mini 12 Aseptic and SIG Mini 24 Aseptic

  • Choose between 12,000 packs / hour (SIG Mini 12 Aseptic) and 24,000 packs / hour (SIG Mini 24 Aseptic) for optimum output. Read more
  • Five different volumes from 125ml to 250ml
  • Volume change in a few minutes only
  • Design change without interruption of the production process
  • Widest range of filling products possible due to unique filling and sealing technology as well as structure options
  • SIG Drinksplus and microwavable structure available read more

Packaging sizes

125ml/4.2fl oz
150ml/5.1fl oz
180ml/6.1fl oz
200ml/6.8fl oz
250ml/8.5fl oz

Available structures

Standard structures for NCSD and Liquid Dairy products
SIG Terra solutions including Aluminum-free structure
Microwaveable structure