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SIG SafeBloc

Our retort carton system provides multiple possibilities to fill food products in a safe and sustainable way.
  • Ideal packaging solution for chunky foods like stews, convenience foods, pulses, fruits, and vegetables
  • Logistical benefits: lightweight, perfect shape to stack and store
  • Eye-catching on the shelf: four printable display sides
  • Convenient to use: complete perforation along the entire top
Perfect for chunky products
Soups and stews

Matching equipment: SIG SafeBloc 12 Retort

    • 5 volumes on one machine
    • Three modular filling units, including a multi-head weigher, enable a wide range of food products to be filled
    • Ideal for all food products that cannot pass through a pumping system and an aseptic process
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Package sizes

200ml/6.8fl oz
300ml/10.1fl oz
400ml/13.5fl oz
440ml/14.9fl oz
500ml/16.9fl oz

Complete perforation

SIG SafeBloc carton packs feature a complete perforation across the entire carton top. So consumers can conveniently open the pack without additional tools. 

Logistical benefits

The exceptional transport logistics of SIG SafeBloc are good for the environment while allowing food producers to efficiently manage costs.

SIG SafeBloc packs are transported to the food producers' production plants as flat folded sleeves, efficiently using a truck’s loading volume. Filled carton packs on a truck means transporting around 95 percent content and just 5 percent packaging!

Carton packs use the full capacity of pallets thanks to their optimized, stackable shape. Compared to glass packaging for food products, up to 93 percent packaging weight can be saved with carton packs.

And: Logistical advantages also matter for the retail shelves, since Carton packs can fill up the available space around 30 per cent better than food metal cans.

Heat-resistant packaging material

For our SIG SafeBloc retort system, we developed a  special heat-resistant carton structure: A special polymer permits the heat treatment of product and packaging in a static or rotative autoclave. 

SIG Retort filling equipment

SIG Safe 12 Retort filling equipment