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SIG SlimlineBloc

SIG SlimlineBloc is one of our most popular all-rounder carton formats, offering sophisticated technology, flexibility, and efficiency as well as the ability to easily expand the product portfolio. The practical rectangular shape and robust structure makes it the perfect choice for export solutions.

Key features

  • Flexible: five different volumes: 500ml, 750ml, 969 ml, 1,000ml, and 1,100ml.
  • Stable and easy to stack and store package – perfect for export
  • Convenient: one-step closure for easy opening, smooth pouring, and tight re-closing
  • Great sustainable options available thanks to our aluminum-free structures and polymers linked to plant-based material

Opening solutions

SIG SlimlineBloc comes with different opening solutions:

  • Perforations
  • Straw hole for 500ml volume
  • Our one-step opening screw caps SIG SwiftCap and SIG MaxxCap, with tethered options being available

Matching equipment solution: SIG SlimlineBloc 12 Aseptic

  • 5 volumes on one filling machine
  • Quick volume change in a few minutes only
  • Change of décor possible without interruption of production process
  • Up to 12,000 packs per hour
  • Open container filling: particulate filling possible
  • Low waste rate due to open container sterilization
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Easily expand your product range

Use SIG's flexible filling machines to expand your product range, achieve higher margins, or enter new market segments – without a major investment. Food Option filling machines are based on our standard filling technology and include minor technical adjustments that allow you to fill a whole host of additional food products:

  • Chunky product ingredients up to 15%
  • Particulates up to 6mm
  • Fibers 1x15mm
  • Viscosity up to 3,500mPas

Packaging sizes

500ml/16.9fl oz
750ml/25.4fl oz
1000ml/33.8fl oz
1100ml/37.2fl oz
969ml/32.8fl oz

The export hero

Ready for oversea export: the preferred choice by a large number of European dairies. Pre-creased corners improve stability and packaging integrity. The shape allows for close to 100% container utilization.


Even more sustainable options

Not only does SIG SlimlineBloc offer a variety of volume and product options, SIG also offers its most sustainable carton structures for this format - including options with no aluminum layer and / or forest-based polymers (mass-balance system).


Available structures

Standard structures for NCSD and Liquid Dairy products
SIG Terra solutions including Alu-free structures
Food structure

Reasons to choose SIG SlimlineBloc

  • Convenience is key: single-action opening solutions as an established standard
  • High flexibility: 5 volumes and various product categories can be filled on one machine
  • Aseptic safety: post application of all opening solutions and sleeve based system where the longitudinal seam is pre-fabricated inhouse at SIG
  • Long shelf-life: no preservatives or refrigeration needed
  • Preferred choice in export: pre-creased corners improve stability and packaging integrity
  • Better for the environment: sustainable by nature and additional options like structures with no aluminum layer