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SIG Vita

The packaging that lives it up! It’s different, it’s functional, it’s eco-conscious. Our SIG Vita package ticks all the boxes, for consumers and businesses alike. Naturally, it attracts much attention on the shelf. Being different – making a difference!
  • Stylish & unique look, outstanding shelf impact
  • Excellent grip, easy opening, and secure reclosing
  • Slanted top and wide opening: easy pouring until the last drop
  • Available in 3 volumes and designed to meet various product category needs.

Right for today's consumers

Making convenient yet sustainable choices shapes the lifestyle of modern consumers. Products need to fit effortlessly into everyday life, making it simple and leaving more time for the really important stuff. Well, SIG Vita definitely lives up to all these expectations – and more. It makes opening, holding, pouring, closing and storing easier – putting the fun back in functional!

The optimized, inclusive shape of SIG Vita enables convenient handling for all age groups. Be it while opening, closing or pouring, the excellent grip lets consumers of all ages have a handle on it.

Live it up!

SIG TruCap

SIG TruCap, the stay-on cap, tailor-made for SIG Vita. With 26 mm pouring diameter, it has an opening at the sweet spot of extra-smooth pouring. But what really makes it a big move forward towards a more sustainable future is that the weight-optimized cap remains on the pack after the easy one-step opening.

Matching equipment: SIG Neo Vita 18 Aseptic

SIG Neo Vita 18 Aseptic is fast, flexible, efficient, reliable, and significantly reduces operating costs. SIG engineered several new benefits and innovations. You save up to 30% of operating costs compared to current machines thanks to a new SIG sterilization, improved aseptic performance, a new bottom folding approach, and a whole new series of exciting technical upgrades. It also needs less consumables and no glue and comes with a standardized compressed air with a pressure of 5 bar. Read more

Package sizes

500ml/16.9fl oz
750ml/25.4fl oz
1000ml/33.8fl oz

Available structures

Standard structures for NCSD and Liquid Dairy products
SIG Terra solutions

SIG Neo Vita 18 Aseptic

SIG Neo 18 Aseptic filling equipment