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SIG Dome filling equipment

Our SIG Dome 12 Aseptic and SIG DomeMini 12 Aseptic filling lines have an output of 12,000 packages an hour.
  • Efficiency and flexibility
  • Possibility to fill beverages with particulates
  • Closure application included in filler

SIG Dome filling lines

The SIG Dome family of fillers comes in two different versions. With their volume flexibility and available drinksplus capability, you can open a world of possibilities for product innovations.

  • SIG Dome version can flexibly fill three different volumes (1000ml, 750ml and 500ml)
  • SIG DomeMini can flexibly fill seven different volumes (180ml, 200ml, 220ml, 250ml, 290ml, 330ml, 350ml)
SIG Dome 12 Aseptic
SIG DomeMini 12 Aseptic
SIG Neo RoboFeed
SIG AutoFeed

Key features

High speed, reliability and technical efficiency are at the core of the SIG Dome filling machines. It is flexible system with closure application included in the filling machine. 

SIG Dome comes in a small-size and a family-size version:

  • SIG Dome 12 Aseptic can fill 500ml, 750ml, 969ml and 1000ml
  • SIG DomeMini 12 Aseptic can fill 180ml, 200ml, 220ml, 250ml, 290ml, 330ml, 350ml. 

Volume changes are possible within just a few minutes.

Product benefits

High efficiency and flexibility

High efficiency in combination with volume flexibility makes it a unique aseptic system.

Closure application is included in the filler

Closure application included in the filler, no glue required.

Fill beverages with particulates

Thanks to the SIG Drinksplus capability in our filling machines, it is possible to add up to 6x6x6mm particulates in size and a wide range of viscosities. 

Package sizes

180ml/6.1fl oz
200ml/6.8fl oz
220ml/7.4fl oz
250ml/8.5fl oz
290ml/9.8fl oz
330ml/11.2fl oz
350ml/11.8fl oz
500ml/16.9fl oz
750ml/25.4fl oz
1000ml/33.8fl oz

Servicing your machine

We transform operations for better by providing superior system quality, performance, and value though industry-leading solutions. From preventative maintenance to asset monitoring and end-to-end traceability, we offer a variety of service options to keep your equipment up and running with the best possible OEE.

Full service offering

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