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SIG Neo Vita 18 Aseptic

Fast, flexible, efficient: With a design speed of 18,000 packs per hour, SIG Neo Vita achieves the highest output in the market for mid-size carton packaging today, while saving on operating costs.
  • Improved operation costs & long production cycles
  • Three volumes: 500ml, 750ml, and 1,000ml
  • Improved sustainability and less consumables
  • Intuitive HMI

Key features

SIG Neo Vita is fast, flexible, efficient, reliable and thanks to a whole new series of technical upgrades, you save on operating costs. It also needs less consumables and no glue and comes with a standardized compressed air with a pressure of 5 bar.


In addition, a significant benefit of SIG Neo Vita is less dependency on operators due to fully automated cleaning combined with improved aseptic design. With innovations such as the new open sleeve 360° sterilization, we deliver best-in-class sterility rate of log6. On top of that, the system drives down waste during production due to the SIG sleeve-based system.



  • Flexibility: 3 volumes on one filling machine: 500ml, 750ml and 1,000ml
  • Improved opertional costs: 50% higher output with similar footprint. Less consumption of utilities and consumables
  • Longest production cycle - more than 100 hours
  • Highest output: With a design speed of 18,000 packs per hour, SIG Neo Vita 18 Aseptic is all set to have the highest output per hour for mid-size carton packaging in the market today
  • Improved sustainability: 25% reduction in greenhouse emissions per filled pack
  • Best-in-class sterility rate of log6


SIG Neo HMI puts the operators at center-stage and focuses on their needs. The warning feature ensures fast reaction times and high convenience for both the operator and service team. It’s a giant step forward in User eXperienceN (UX) for operating the entire filling line end-to-end.

SIG Neo RoboFeed

With the SIG Neo RoboFeed, sleeve pallets can be easily inserted through a sliding door. The feeding of the sleeves to the filler magazine is controlled by a three-axis servo drive system.

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