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Rethink all you know ...

... with SIG Terra packaging solutions for today and tomorrow

Action to decarbonize the food and beverage industry is the need of the hour and together, we can make it happen. Our continuous work to simplify substrate structures, utilize renewable materials, and think circularity across all we do ensures that our next generation of packaging is a part of the solution.

Three areas of creating packaging for better

The SIG Terra portfolio is here to rethink aseptic packaging by focusing on three main areas:

  • We simplify packaging structures that are even easier to recycle and reduce CO₂ emissions even further.
  • We increase the share of renewable and responsibly sourced materials.
  • We use more recycled material.
Aseptic Carton

Aseptic carton

Lern how replacing the aluminum layer and increasing the share of renewable materials results in lower CO2 emissions.


Get to know our multi-use, shatter-proof, low-carbon bag-in-box packaging solution.
Spouted Pouch

Spouted Pouch

Learn more about our recycle-ready packaging solutions designed to promote a circular economy.

A new standard. Available today.

At SIG, we are part of the mission to decarbonize the food and beverage industry by...
... taking out the aluminum layer from aseptic cartons
... using more responsibly sourced renewable and circular materials
... making aseptic filling technology even better to reduce food loss and standard for more packaging substrates to reach more people and reduce food waste. 
But we do not stop here, as we continuously work on improving our solutions even further.

Sustainability drives our innovation power

With a long track record of pioneering sustainable solutions, combined with the right people, and the right technology, we enable our customers to put sustainable packaging solutions in the hands of your consumers around the world.



Explore our innovation approach
Explore our innovation approach

Getting started with SIG Terra

SIG Terra solutions are born out of our material science labs and offer a growing range of sustainable structure innovations, including options with no aluminum layer or linked to forest-based or circular polymers*.

*via a certified mass-balance system

Getting consumers on board

Consumers care about the future and are willing to rethink their choices for a more sustainable tomorrow. This is why we’ve created engaging consumer communication that ensures endorsement for a roadmap towards a decarbonized food and beverage industry. 


Packaging that speaks for itself