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On-the-go packaging

SIG offers aseptic carton and spouted pouch packaging solutions that cater to the consumer on-the-go.

On-the-go products are becoming increasingly popular in the market due to their convenience and portability. With people leading busier lives, they are seeking convenient and nutritious choices that align with their health and wellness goals.


Our aseptic carton and spouted pouch packaging solutions cater to the contemporary consumer's desire for instant access to healthy, preservative-free beverages, making it a preferred choice in the evolving landscape of convenient and sustainable packaging solutions. Use our spouted pouches or beverage cartons to offer retail consumers a range of options from pouches of concentrate for refilling rigid containers, to perfectly-portioned pouches of squeezable food products for utensil-free use on-the-go.

Our packaging is...


Aseptic cartons and spouted pouches are lightweight, easy-to-open, and reclosable, making it easy to take them wherever life takes you.


Aseptic cartons and spouted pouches offer clean usage in a pack that’s easy to “get it all out” with minimal mess.


Flexible sizing allows consumers to purchase and bring along just what they need in a pack that is strong, without compromising on sustainability.

Protecting your food and beverage products

Barrier structures and hermetic closures protect your product from fill through end use. When utilized with our aseptic carton and pouch packaging technology, your products can maintain their taste, texture, color, and nutritional content for up to a year after production.

  • Allow consumers to quickly and easily grab their favorite products on-the-go
  • Aseptic cartons and spouted pouches offer optimized flavors, colors, and nutrients
  • Hermetic closures and barrier films protect your products from exposure

Sustainable convenience

On-the-go cartons are designed to offer the ultimate drinking convenience while being on-the-go. All packs offer reclosable options thanks to innovative, one-step opening with the option of various straw solutions for the ideal drinking experience.

  • Find the right on-the-go packaging shape for your specific target group
  • Choose between different packaging shapes and or volumes and opening solutions
  • Tethered cap options ensure that the cap isn’t lost in the environment

Spouted pouches: familiar convenience

Count on squeezable spouted pouches to offer mess-free, “get it all out” experiences to consumers of all ages and abilities. This convenient format allows your consumers to take your product wherever life takes them, without worrying about waste and mess. 

  • Allow your tiniest consumers to easily feed themselves
  • Tethered cap options ensure that the cap isn’t lost in the environment
  • Ergonomic fitment designs enable your consumers to quickly and easily open your products

Complete on-the-go packaging solutions

Combine our barrier structures, highly-engineered closures, and state-of-the-art filling equipment for a complete on-the-go packaging solution.

Barrier films

Our barrier films are engineered to protect your products throughout their entire lifecycle, no matter what the distribution chain throws your way. Our state-of-the-art films and laminates are designed to focus on optimized functionality and fit for your product.

Sustainability to go

SIG beverage cartons are sustainable by nature. Our structures are available with an ultra-thin layer of aluminum foil in combination with polymers 100% linked to forest-based renewable materials or even without an aluminum layer for selected on-the-go packaging formats.

Hermetic fitments

Our tamper-evident, ergonomic fitments keep your product safe from fill through end consumption in a secure, familiar package that offers a variety of sustainability benefits.

Volume flexibility

Every SIG carton pack offers multiple filling volumes - enabling our customers to choose the right volume for each consumption occasion.

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