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Spouted pouch packaging

We specialize in spouted pouch design and technology with a focus on the development of unique and innovative performance solutions. Combining our decades of experience with deep industry understanding, we bring exceptional value to our global customers, whether they need retail or foodservice pouches.
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The format with many benefits

Our spouted pouches are the packaging solution that works for consumers and the earth. We’re committed to creating spouted pouch solutions that enable environmental responsibility and assist you on your own sustainability journey. 


Our developments in recycle-ready and high-barrier films combined with leading spout and cap solutions increase the ability for your pouch products to live another valuable life.


We engineer our packs to do more with less. Lightweight, ergonomic designs ensure consumers can easily access your product in a way that leaves more resources for other uses.


We support you as you grow. Easily get started with spouted pouches with a pre-made pouch solution, combined with our state-of-the-art spouted pouch filling equipment where you can flexibly fill many volumes. If you require a larger, full production run or co-packing operation, our top-of-the-line horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) equipment allows you to flexibly fill multiple volumes at high speeds.

Use occasions

Pouches at home

Offer your products in simple, multi-serve packaging. Our innovative pouch solutions are engineered to protect your products from fill through final dispense.

  • Offer family-size and refill products in a compact format
  • Ergonomic pouring with corner spouted, air handle pouches
  • Shelf-stable, preservative-free products with aseptic packaging technology
  • Multi-use packaging that’s re-closeable and portable
Spouted pouches at home

Pouches on-the-go

Use our spouted pouches to offer retail consumers perfectly-portioned pouches of squeezable food and beverage for utensil-free consumption on-the-go.

  • Clean usage in a pack that’s ebay to “get it all out” with minimal mess
  • Portability: lightweight, easy-to-open, and re-closeable
On-the-go pouches

Foodservice pouches

Whether it’s a concentrated chemical or flavorings for beverages, our closed-loop, connected pouch solutions allow you to safely, precisely, and efficiently dispense your products.

  • Lightweight, yet strong, pouch package with a lower carbon footprint
  • Up to 99% product evacuation
  • Easy disconnection with less mess for dispenser cleaning protocols
  • Reduce shipped water with concentrated products
Foodservice pouches

Pouches for ecommerce

Offer your products in simple, easy-to-store pouches. Our innovative solutions are engineered to protect your products from fill through final use, no matter what the distribution chain throws your way.

  • Offer family-size and refill products in a compact by design pack format
  • Shatter-proof packaging that minimizes product leaks and spoilage
  • Ergonomic dispensing
  • Shelf-stable, preservative-free products with aseptic pouch technology
Ecommerce spouted pouches

Spouted pouch packaging solutions

SIG CloverCap Pouch
56.7 - 340g / 2 - 12oz
SIG OmniCap Pouch
56.7 - 1000g / 2 - 33.8oz
SIG Terra OmniCap 117 Pouch
56.7 - 1000g / 2 - 33.8oz
SIG Terra OmniCap 150 Linked Pouch
340 - 1000ml / 12 - 33.8fl oz
SIG Terra WingCap 85 Linked Pouch
56.7 - 170.1g / 2 - 6oz
SIG Terra ReadiFlip Cap 106 Pouch
340 - 1000g / 12 - 33.8oz
SIG Terra ReadiFlip Cap 210 Pouch
226.8 - 1000g / 8 - 33.8oz
SIG CleanClic Connect Pouch
56.7 - 1000g / 2 - 33.8oz
SIG AeroCap Pouch
56.7 - 340g / 2 - 12oz

Your complete spouted pouch system

Film for spouted pouches

Using scientifically-proven blends, we engineer our films and laminates to protect and deliver your products in the way you intend.

Fitments for spouted pouch

Our tried-and-true fitments go through rigorous testing to ensure hermetic seals and ergonomic designs.

Equipment for spouted pouch

Patented equipment technology allows our filling equipment solutions to support you on your growth journeys.

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