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SIG sustainable packaging solutions: aseptic carton, bag-in-box, and spouted pouch

Packaging solutions for better

Striving for better

Striving for better inspires us to work in partnership with our customers to bring food products to consumers around the world in a safe, sustainable, and affordable way.


Independent life-cycle assessments show our carton, bag-in-box, and spouted pouch solutions offer significant reductions in environmental impacts compared with other types of packaging, such as glass, plastic tubs and bottles, or cans.1 Choosing our solutions helps customers respond to rising consumer expectations, comply with increasingly stringent regulations, and achieve their sustainability ambitions.

We strive to make our packs even more sustainable through innovation. Across our portfolio, we are innovating to design more recycle-ready2 packs that optimize material use, and to replace virgin fossil-based polymers with renewable or recycled alternatives.


We are also creating new solutions to further reduce the resources needed to fill our packs in customers’ factories.


1 For a wide range of food and beverages, based on independent critically reviewed life-cycle assessments for beverage cartons conducted in line with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards, and on preliminary results of our life-cycle analysis of bag-in-box and spouted pouch solutions (an independent, critically reviewed life-cycle assessment for these solutions is in progress).

2 In line with Design for Recycling criteria developed by APR (Association of Plastic Recyclers) and Recyclass.

Our sustainability approach is our roadmap for better

Our sustainability commitments are integral to our business strategy, our Corporate Compass. They represent how we will give back more than we take. To have a net-positive impact on people and the planet. To create lasting change.

From good

Our unique range of packaging formats lead their categories in sustainability performance
Aseptic carton

Aseptic carton

Sustainable by nature, from cradle to grave


Less plastic, weight, and carbon
Spouted pouch

Spouted pouch

Little packaging, lots of product, less food loss

To great

We’re on a journey to create packaging for better - packaging that gives more to people and the planet than it takes out. This packaging does not exist… yet. But one day it will, and it will:
  • Remove more carbon from the atmosphere than is emitted during the pack's lifecycle
  • Be made from endlessly renewable or recycled materials
  • Bring safe, healthy nutrition to everyone
  • Be easily recyclable - anywhere in the world

SIG Terra: industry-leading sustainable packaging innovations

SIG Terra is our marker for sustainable packaging innovations, which we constantly evolve for better. Leveraging our R&D expertise and unique filling technology, we achieved a track record of industry-firsts in simplifying structures and reducing the weight of packaging, with milestones including the world's first aluminum-free aseptic carton in 2010 and the world's first recycle-ready bag-in-box for water in 2021.