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SIG FlexTap

Enjoy easy, push-button pouring with automatic shut-off and controlled flow rate, making it a breeze to dispense all your favorite beverages.
  • Ideal for on-tap beverage dispensing
  • Aseptic- and ESL-capable
  • Ergonomic, high-flow, push-button tap

Convenience at the push of a button

The SIG FlexTap bag-in-box is a game-changer in the world of on-tap, at-home dispensing. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of your consumers while protecting products like water, ready-to-drink cocktails, juice, and more, it offers a reliable and efficient solution for dispensing liquid.

  • Easy and controlled pouring
  • Reduces spills and product waste
  • Maintains freshness from fill through dispensing the final drop

Key features

The SIG FlexTap bag-in-box boasts several key features that set it apart as an exceptional bag-in-box dispensing solution:

  • Precise pouring: The innovative design of the SIG FlexTap enables precise pouring, allowing users to control the flow rate and avoid over-pouring or splashing.
  • Easy handling: With its ergonomic design, the FlexTap ensures effortless handling for people of all ages. The intuitive button functionality provides quick and easy dispensing.
  • Product freshness: The SIG FlexTap incorporates a reliable closure system that minimizes oxygen exposure, preserving the quality and freshness of the product throughout its use.
  • Versatility: Designed to fit a wide range of bag-in-box packaging sizes, the SIG FlexTap accommodates a variety of volumes, making it suitable for different application needs.
  • Product protection: When combined with our barrier film and top-of-the-line filling equipment, this bag-in-box package offers superior product protection from outside contaminants, ensuring that the last drop is as fresh as the first.


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How it works

Known process applications


Occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment.

Ultra-clean (ESL)

Uses UV and/or hydrogen peroxide in combination with laminar flow to achieve high hygienic levels for short shelf-life products.


Fills commercially-sterilized products into pre-sterilized packaging. Products can be held unopened without refrigeration.

Package sizes


Equipment solutions

SIG SureFill 42

This filler offers versatility and speed for a wide range of products and volumes.

  • Ideal for a wide range of products, including aseptically-processed products
  • Automatic, web-fed filler
  • Works well for products used in the foodservice channel

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Film and laminates

SIG DuraShield Laminate

This laminate is a clear, three-layer, thermal laminate film that was developed to provide strong seals, extraordinary bag toughness, and superior flex-crack resistance.

  • Aseptic-capable
  • Co-extruded film for oxygen barrier and durability
  • Available in gauge range from 3.4-5.0 mils

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Use occasions

SIG Terra OptiTap 2300 Bag-in-Box package for water
SIG Terra OptiTap 2300
3 - 20L / 0.8 - 5gal
SIG MaxxTap
3 - 20L / 0.8 - 5gal
SIG SureFill 12
SIG SureFill 42 Aseptic

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