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SIG Terra OptiTap 2300

SIG Terra OptiTap 2300 Bag-in-Box package for water
Reduce your environmental impact with the SIG Terra OptiTap 2300: an on-tap bag-in-box solution designed to reduce environmental impact while providing efficient pouring.
  • Gravity-dispense pouring ideal from refrigerators
  • Easy-to-use, self-closing thumb toggle valve
  • Recycle-ready composition

For better packaging

The SIG Terra OptiTap 2300 combines sustainability and efficiency in an on-tap bag-in-box solution. It is designed to minimize your environmental impact by utilizing environmentally-responsible materials and reducing overall plastics use compared to rigid alternatives like PET water bottles.

  • Recycle-ready structure
  • Ergonomic design that enables consumers of all ages and abilities to refill cups and bottles on their own
  • The first 100% recycle-ready bag-in-box package to be recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers

Key features

Provide your customers of all ages and abilities with a consistent and user-friendly experience and trust your product is fresh as the day it was packaged when combined with our barrier film and top of the line filling equipment. The SIG Terra OptiTap 2300 is a sustainable, self-closing thumb toggle valve for gravity dispensing liquid products under ambient conditions, like water. When combined with active barrier technology featured in SIG Terra 2Pure Film and our state-of-the-art filling equipment, you have a sustainable water packaging solution that ensures your water is as fresh as the day you packed it.

How it works

Known process applications


Occurs when a product is filled into a package with no additional sterilization treatment.

Package sizes


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Equipment solutions

SIG SureFill 12

The SIG SureFill 12 offers versatility and speed for a wide range of applications and volumes.

  • Ideal for ambient-filled products
  • Automatic, web-fed filler
  • Fills packages up to 22L

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Film and laminates

SIG Terra 2Pure Film

This film is a one-layer film that was specifically developed for ozonated water packaging. Unlike most polyethylene-based films, 2Pure offers a taint- and odor-free water package.

  • Designed for fresh-tasting water
  • Ideal for bag-in-box applications
  • Recycle-ready construction

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Typical categories

Use occasions

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