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White milk packaging solutions

Worldwide, long-life white milk has been a daily essential for many consumers. Count on SIG for responsible carton and bag-in-box white milk packaging.

The benefits of long-life UHT milk

With white milk as the standard in schools for kids and a daily family essential for breakfast and teatime across the world, UHT (ultra-high temperature) processing allows white milk to last longer and ship further, especially where cold chain logistics may make this near impossible.

Shelf life of up to 12 months

Preserves all nutritional values

No need to add preservatives

No refrigeration needed

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Milk applications

Beverage carton packaging for white milk

  • Aseptic cartons provide a safe and stable packaging solution for up to 12 months shelf-life
  • Due to its lightweight and space saving design aseptic cartons offer lowest carbon footprint compared to other packaging alternatives
  • Option to choose a carton without aluminum and thus being linked up to 100% forest-based renewable materials lowering the packs CO2 footprint even further
  • Flexibly choose between different packaging formats and different filling volumes to cater the right consumption occasion
SIG Terra SlimlineBloc
SIG Terra SlimlineBloc
SIG Midi Family
SIG Midi Family
SIG Vita
SIG Vita

Aseptic beverage cartons are an ideal choice for ambient white milk as they are designed to be distributed under ambient conditions, ensuring that the milk remains fresh and safe without adding any preservatives. Additionally, they have a low environmental impact and are highly convenient to use and store.

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SIG Vita

The packaging that lives it up! It’s different, it’s functional, it’s eco-conscious. Our SIG Vita package ticks all the boxes, for consumers and businesses alike. Naturally, it attracts much attention on the shelf. Being different – making a difference!

SIG SlimlineBloc

SIG SlimlineBloc is one of our most popular all-rounder carton formats, offering sophisticated technology, flexibility, and efficiency as well as the ability to easily expand the product portfolio. The practical rectangular shape and robust structure makes it the perfect choice for export solutions.

Bag-in-box packaging for milk

  • Aseptic technology to eliminate costly cold chain logistics
  • Versatility to deliver your products anywhere you need
  • Solutions that minimize your environmental impact and leave less packaging waste behind
  • Reduced food waste with longer secondary shelf life and maximum product evacuation
  • Connection systems for easy dispensing in foodservice environments

With a valuable, time-sensitive product, you need packaging that will keep your dairy and lactose-free milk products safe and fresh. Our bag-in-box systems include a wide range of barrier films, fitments, and state-of-the-art filling equipment for a complete flexible packaging solution engineered to protect your milk from fill through final dispensing. With retail-friendly taps, bag-in-box milk can be easily dispensed at home by people of all ages and abilities. For fast-paced foodservice environments, count on our bag-in-box milk packaging to create a closed-loop system that ensures the safety and freshness of your milk products throughout their entire lifecycles.

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SIG SteriSeal Cap 5100

Provide tamper-evident protection for aseptically-packaged, bulk liquid products with the SIG SteriSeal Cap 5100 bag-in-box.

SIG SureFill 44 Duo filling equipment

Fill bag-in-box packaging quickly and accurately with the SIG SureFill 44 Duo: an automated, dual-lane bag-in-box filling solution.

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