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Ecommerce packaging

Count on our bag-in-box, cartons, and pouches to protect and deliver your products through the rigors of the ecommerce channel.

Why SIG packaging for ecommerce use?

In ecommerce, most companies use existing—oftentimes rigid—packages that can work well for in-store applications, but not necessarily for rigors of the ecommerce channel. With rigid packaging, many distributors find that they need to add secondary and tertiary packaging like wraps, tape, and bags, which increases costs but doesn’t guarantee that the products are going to survive delivery.

Count on our bag-in-box, cartons, and spouted pouches to protect and deliver your products through the rigors of the ecommerce channel with:

  • SIOC-compliant, compact by design packaging solutions that open up ecommerce possibilities
  • Aseptic technology that allows you to ship traditionally cold chain products through an ambient distribution chain
  • Lightweight packaging solutions that facilitate reduced touches in the supply chain
  • Efficient packaging solutions that boast optimized product-to-package ratios

Our packaging is...

Frustration free

Fit-for-purpose bag-in-box, carton, and pouch solutions use just what you need to package your product, while making it accessible for people of all ages and abilities.


Strong seals and hermetic closures ensure your product arrives to consumers in just the way you intend.


Our packaging solutions are lightweight, yet strong, allowing you to pack more product with less source material.


Flexible sizing allows consumers to purchase and bring along just what they need in a pack that is strong, without compromising on sustainability.

Reduced waste

Our innovative packaging technology combines strong, high-barrier structures, ergonomic, secure closures, with top-of-the-line filling equipment to ensure that your product is protected from fill through end use, in a way that minimizes waste throughout the product and packaging lifecycle.

  • Aseptic packaging technology extends unopened shelf life up to a year
  • Ergonomic, easy-to-use formats
  • Optimized product evacuation
  • Multi-use, shatter-proof packaging that’s still portable.
  • Optimized product-to-package ratio, leaving minimal waste volume.
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumed in production vs standard rigid packages

Save and streamline

For over 70 years, we’ve pioneered innovative spouted pouch, carton, and bag-in-box solutions that protect liquid food, beverage, and non-food products from fill through end-use. Our packaging systems offer cost savings and efficiencies throughout your supply chain.

  • Packaging arrives at your plant flat, optimizing inbound logistics
  • Smaller package footprint when filled compared to most rigid packages
  • Better cube efficiency than rigid containers like jugs and bottles, so more products fit on a pallet
  • Multi-serve packages available in sizes up to 8L

Sustainable packaging solutions

When compared to rigid formats like bottles and jugs, our eco-conscious, flexible bag-in-box, spouted pouch, and aseptic carton packaging can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, packaging waste volume, and energy used in packaging production. Plus, with less tertiary packaging required, it’s easier to ship, and extended shelf life provided by aseptic packaging technology helps reduce spoilage and product waste.

Complete ecommerce packaging solutions

Combine our barrier structures, highly-engineered closures, and state-of-the-art filling equipment for a complete in-the-home packaging solution.

Bag-in-box for ecommerce

Multi-use, strong, secure bag-in-box offers an efficient way for consumers to order just what they need in a lightweight, compact pack format that extends opened shelf life and reduces packaging waste.

Spouted pouches for ecommerce

Easily squeeze out just what you need for condiments and refills with a standard or corner spout pouch.

Cartons for ecommerce

Easy pouring due to convenient closures and optimized storage due to format shape and long shelf life.

SIG Terra

Count on our SIG Terra portfolio to help you reach your sustainability goals with our most sustainable offering.

Featured products

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