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Product innovation

We work with our customers to find the best product formulations across a variety of food & beverage categories, occasions, and channels to accelerate innovation.

Our consumer-centric journey to innovate packaging

At SIG, we believe real packaging innovation isn’t simply invention, but a process requiring clear structure and consistency. And to create truly valuable consumer products, you need to start by answering consumers’ problems and needs. We observe global key trends mainly in the areas sustainability, convenience, affordability and health awareness.

It’s this desire to meet consumer demands that drives our innovation process, which is based around our Oxygen Innovation Model – a consumer-centric journey that begins by discovering needs and generating ideas and ends with rigorous concept testing and implementation. This model creates a structured approach that ensures we can be efficient and effective in every aspect of the innovation process.

Sustainable packaging innovation

Sustainability is at the center of everything we do. Our sustainability commitments are an integral part of our business strategy and innovation processes.

Taking a lifecycle approach

We measure and strive to improve the environmental impact of our packaging solutions

Optimizing the use of materials

We innovate for better quality and functionality while using fewer resources

Going renewable

Using forest-based renewable materials to support the circular economy

Leading the industry in sustainable innovation

A strong focus on sustainable innovation helps us achieve firsts in the world of packaging

Latest packaging innovations

SIG Vita and SIG Neo Vita 18 Aseptic

SIG Vita and SIG Neo Vita 18 Aseptic: Our latest innovation in mid-size aseptic carton packs and technology.
SIG Vita

SIG Terra OptiTap 2300

Introducing the first APR-recognized, 100% recyclable bag-in-box package for water: The SIG Terra OptiTap 2300. Featuring patented active barrier technology, rest assured that not only will your water taste as fresh as the day it was packed, but it will also be in an eco-conscious package.

SIG Terra OptiTap 2300

SIG DomeMini

Go for less plastic and more carton with SIG DomeMini: Our latest addition the the small-size aseptic carton pack family and an answer to the plastic bottle.
SIG DomeMini
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SIG Terra WingCap 85 Linked Pouch

The lightweight design of the SIG Terra WingCap 85 Linked Pouch offers a reduction of raw material usage when compared to traditional spouted pouches. Ideal for children’s products, this tethered, tamper-evident pouch offers peace of mind that the product inside will stay safe and fresh from filling through consumption.

SIG Terra WingCap 85 Linked Pouch

SIG Terra Alu-free + Full barrier

Discover our latest industry-leading evolution of aseptic cartons with no aluminum layer.

SIG Terra Alu-free + Full Barrier

SIG Terra ReadiFlip Cap 106 Pouch

The convenient, flip-top design of this pouch solution is designed to enhance the consumer experience with its easy-to-use opening and secure seal that prevents leaks and spills. Ideal for condiments and sauces, this ergonomic, tamper-evident pouch offers peace of mind that the product inside will stay safe and fresh from filling through consumption.

SIG Terra ReadiFlip Cap 106

Innovative technology

As a system provider, we focus not only on the packaging, but also on the technology - so that you can leverage the full potential of your investment. We offer high-quality systems that are easy to use, flexible and efficient. We always strive for better to offer safe and affordable packaging system solutions.


Easy to use, intuitive and consistent along the complete filling line; SIG Neo HMI, the award- winning new Human Machine Interface (HMI) makes everything easier for operators and ensures higher convenience.

  • Improved ergonomics​
  • New intuitive HMI design
  • Covering the complete filling line including downstream.​
  • Based on operators’ needs​: Easier handling and less training needed to understand and operate the filling line
  • Extract user-level specific insights needed to optimize daily operations

SIG Neo Vita 18

Always a step ahead: SIG Neo Vita 18 Aseptic is fast, flexible, efficient and has one of the lowest carbon footprints possible! With a design speed of 18,000 packs per hour, SIG Neo Vita 18 is all set to have the highest output per hour for mid-size packaging in the market today. 

  • Improved operation cost​
  • Significant reduction in utility costs
  • Improved quality & safety​
  • Increased sterilization efficacy​
  • Excellent usability
SIG Neo 18 Aseptic filling equipment

SIG SureFill 44 Duo

Fill bag-in-box packaging with the fastest linear bag-in-box filler on the market: the SIG SureFill 44 Duo. This automated, dual-lane bag-in-box filling solution allows you to quickly and accurately fill your bag-in-box packs without line hammering.

SIG SureFill 44 Duo

SIG Neo RoboFeed

Towards full automation: The fully automatic magazine feeding system
with a robotic arm was designed to keep up with the high pace of the high-speed filling machines. Enabling one full hour autonomous production, it’s the next step towards a fully automated filling line.

Starting with an idea

Our SIG Tech and Innovation Centers worldwide support our customers in creating new product innovations. We believe in working in partnership. Our team of experts will be there to support and guide you through the most crucial period of your innovation: from creating a prototype through to a final product testing and validated package concept that’s ready for consumers.

Our service includes: 

  • New product development and support for product formulation, validation and reformulation
  • Pilot processing plant to validate product concepts, processing, and filling options
  • Real product test filling opportunities in small batches for consumer and market tests

Turning today's ideas into tomorrow's commercial reality

SIG’s accelerator program for new businesses who need just the right spark to ignite the next novel food or drink innovation. The SIG Incubator program supports entrepreneurs with the production facilities, the knowledge and connections in the food and beverage industry. Our team of experts will be there to guide start-ups through the most crucial period of their innovation: from testing prototypes through to a final product and package concept that’s ready for consumers.

Looking for a co-packer?

Let's talk about your needs so we can work together to find you a fitting co-packer. From dairy to juices to non-food applications, we have a wide network of co-packers globally to help support you in your growth journey.