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Creation Food starts at the source with industrial flexible packaging

The challenge with industrial packaging

Many food brands build their reputations on delivering quality and value to their customers, and it can be tough to find a packaging partner who shares the same ideals. At SIG, we develop reliable, sustainable packaging designed with our client's specific demands in mind.

Packaging for industrial settings presents unique challenges: packaging materials must be sturdy to accommodate large formats and withstand being moved around and shipped. SIG is at the forefront of industrial packaging technology and has helped hundreds of brands choose and develop packaging formats suited to their company's needs.

The challenge: navigating strict recycling standards

Creation Food sought an industrial-sized storage solution for producing and transporting condensed milk. They're one of Taiwan's largest food and food products suppliers, and have distributed products from brands like they've introduced international brands like Monin syrups and Valrhona chocolate for decades. 


"Before, they used an iron drum [for storage]," says Vera Yuan, Inside Sales for SIG. "Such packaging is difficult to clean and costly to transport and store. Because Taiwan's recycling standards are becoming stricter, recycling iron drums is very difficult."


It's no coincidence that Creation Food turned to SIG for packaging needs. We share a passion for producing high-quality products and packaging items safely and have obtained many of the same certifications as Creation Food. We understood the importance of finding the right packaging solution that adhered to Creation Food's core values and worked to design a bag-in-box packaging solution that fit their needs.

The solution: sustainable packaging at scale

Working with Creation Food, Yuan oversaw the switch from iron drums to 1000L SIG SteriSeal 800R. "I carried out this project very smoothly," she says, noting that a massive project at this scale could be complicated but that SIG, with facilities across the globe, has the tools to make packaging changes easy to execute. "We passionately create value for our stakeholders by continuous innovation, excellent execution, and strong customer focus." 


Sustainable solutions start at the source. At the industrial level, SIG has many drum liners, flexible IBCs, and tote liners that can safely transport all your liquid products safely and efficiently. Our liners cut waste throughout the supply chain and offer savings from warehousing costs to transportation needs.

The result: Sustainable packaging leads to cost savings

Within months of implementation, Creation Food has already seen a 15% decrease in warehousing and transportation costs and is considering other SIG packaging solutions for its extended product catalog. Along with cost savings, the switch to flexible liners has helped Creation Food:

  • Conserve water and cut costs previously allocated to cleaning iron drums
  • Ensure products are delivered safely without exposure to outside elements
  • Reuse drums and other rigid storage items with a flexible liner

Begin your sustainability story by starting at the source—contact us today and find out how SIG can provide industrial flexible packaging solutions tailored to your needs.



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