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Galloway chooses bag-in-box for its dairy mix products

Galloway extends reach with bag-in-box

Better packaging makes Galloway’s dairy products more accessible


A good, sustainable packaging format should extend outward. Yes, we want to look at the packaging itself and reconsider the materials we rely on for many of the packages we see on shelves, but we also want to think about the often-overlooked contributors to waste. At SIG, we take a multifaceted approach to designing sustainable packaging and consider secondary hurdles such as packaging weight, processing, and stress to the supply chain. 


Galloway Company is the largest manufacturer of frozen dairy dessert mix in Wisconsin. Quality is the cornerstone of Galloway’s products, and they use only fresh ingredients from the best quality farm milk in the state. Galloway and their customers were both growing and looking to expand.

The challenge: avoiding the back and forth

SIG has a long history with Galloway: we've partnered to develop innovative packaging formats for the dairy mix business. One of Galloway's largest customers was rapidly expanding, so they needed a packaging solution that could travel further without requiring expensive returnable dairy cases.

The solution: simplifying the process

We helped Galloway implement bag-in-box packaging for their dairy mixes, which allowed them to save on shipping and production costs, ensure product was delivered safely due to our barrier film technology, and eliminate a costly step in the supply chain since their clients no longer needed to send back heavy and expensive packaging. 

The result: Sustainable gains across the board

Galloway found a fast and flexible solution that fit their customers' needs by switching to bag-in-box. The switch allowed them to grow into new markets and provided a safe packaging solution that: 

  • Preserves the quality of their product
  • Prevented unnecessary costs of replacing unreturned crates
  • Enabled Galloway to serve geographic areas that were previously inaccessible 
  • Reduced shipping and logistic costs by removing the need to return crates
  • Eliminated reliance on petroleum to make plastic crates

Flexible packaging is a solution that can positively impact the entire supply chain. Get in touch with us to learn more