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Kirkland signature embraces boxed wine

At SIG, we design our bag-in-box, pouches, and cartons to meet consumers where they're at. Our sustainable packaging must be user-friendly and communicate a clear and digestible value-add. We ensure end consumers know why flexible packaging isn't just better for the environment but that the product they're picking up is packaged in a convenient format designed to meet the demands of their lives. 


Americans buy more wine at Costco than at any other store. Among Costco's wide variety of exclusive labels is their private label brand, Kirkland Signature. Kirkland's focus on high-quality, affordable wines has made it a formidable brand in the marketplace and has found its way into millions of homes across the US.

The challenge: matching changing consumer trends

Consumer acceptance of alternative packaging for wine in the United States has steadily grown for the past decade. Wine drinkers have begun to switch to packaging like bag-in-box, allowing them to treat wine less like an occasional treat and more like an everyday staple due to its cost-friendly pricing. Also, bag-in-box keeps wine fresh for up to six weeks, allowing drinkers to not worry about opening a bottle and wine going stale in hours. 


Costco decided to package their well-loved Kirkland Signature brand of wines in bag-in-box and found a ready-and-waiting fan base.

The solution: quality recognized and celebrated

Costco began packaging its wines in our 3L bag-in-box format, delivering boxed wine to an audience eager and excited to try wine in a new way. Our bag-in-box packaging aligns with many of Costco's core values: accessibility and affordability without sacrificing quality. 

In 2019, Wine Enthusiast published a raving review of Kirkland Signature's 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, packaged in our 3L bag-in-box and available for $13 at the time of publishing. The wine scored 86 out of 100, and Wine Enthusiast distinguished it as one of its favorite budget-friendly options.

The result: members-only savings

By producing their well-loved Kirkland Signature wines in bag-in-box, Costco reduced the packaging required to deliver their wine to members. With bag-in-box wine packaging, Kirkland wines provide:

  • a significant reduction in processed greenhouse gas compared to glass bottles
  • less secondary packaging needed for shipping
  • fewer product returns due to breakage in transit—bag-in-box film is sturdier than glass

Read more about Kirkland Signature wines or learn how bag-in-box can help you transform your favorite goods by contacting us.

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