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Perfect Parfait: yogurt made easy with bag-in-box

Partnering together

At SIG, we keep a close eye on industry needs and make sure to adapt our bag-in-box, pouch, and carton packaging to meet the needs of end users. This is just what we did when Perfect Parfait partnered with us back in 2014.


Perfect Parfait is a US-based dairy company that specializes in yogurt and yogurt dispensing for the hospitality industry. They offer the first fresh yogurt dispensing system that is revolutionizing fresh yogurt service in all facets of the foodservice industry. Their yogurt dispensing system provides the ideal way to create uniform, pre-made yogurt parfaits for grab-and-go or large-scale service. After industry research, they discovered that hospitality outlets like hotels were losing over $3MM annually due to pilferage and shelf life concerns of yogurt cups. With the Perfect Parfait dispenser, not only can you control your food and labor cost through fast, consistent, portion-controlled servings, you can also maintain exceptional food safety standards and minimize waste through bag-in-box packaging.

The challenge: reducing pilferage and improving food safety

To address this, Perfect Parfait began offering a bag-in-box package and patented dispenser specifically designed for the foodservice industry and testing at major hotel chains. Due to the nature of a dispensed bag-in-box yogurt, the product stays fresher longer, without compromising food safety. With our patented bag-in-box films and dispensing fitments, Perfect Parfait was able to have a dispensed yogurt package that worked perfectly with their dispenser, and addressed needs in the market.


Post-covid, once dispensers were moved out of storage and production amped up again, Perfect Parfait began growing again through new business with major hotel chains.

The solution: fresh yogurt at any time

To allow foodservice outlets like hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and others to address concerns around food safety and reduced pilferage, Perfect Parfait began expanding their portfolio and offering a 14lb bag-in-box that works seamlessly with their patented yogurt dispenser. With our top-of-the-line, SIG Terra bag-in-box package featuring the SIG Terra 1400, hospitality owners and operators can have peace of mind that their yogurt products will stay fresher longer and offer a better, more customizable experience to parfait-lovers at every breakfast or snack. Plus, due to the design of this format, pilferage was reduced at these yogurt stations.


The proprietary bag-in-box yogurt packaging makes loading the dispenser quick and easy, assuring optimal freshness and providing unparalleled food safety. The only daily cleaning required is the drip tray because the yogurt touches absolutely no moving parts. The operation is as simple as the touch of a button to dispense consistent, portion-controlled servings. 

The result: elevated guest satisfaction and better efficiency

The Perfect Parfait system is the perfect way to serve fresh yogurt throughout the day whether for breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon snack, or dessert. In the front of the house, this dispensing system can serve as a portable yogurt bar kiosk or be integrated into an existing line with ease.

"Most of our business revolves around bag-in-box, and we’re grateful to have a true partnership with SIG." says Russ Vulpitta, CEO for Perfect Parfait. “We’re thrilled that customers really took an interest in this and helped us vet out our solution, and can’t wait to see where we grow from here!”


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