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SIG machines power Danonino kid-friendly snacks

SIG designs packaging solutions that are innovative, accessible, and tailored to meet the needs of our partners. We don't simply supply clients with packaging technology; we find ways to solve problems and develop systems that allow businesses to thrive and grow. 


Danone is a French food company that's been around for over a hundred years, reaching over 60 million families in 38 countries. Over 50% of Danone's sales come from dairy and plant-based products—in particular, Danone focuses on family-friendly goods and snacks and recently launched Danonino, "a range of fresh dairy products designed for kids (ages three and older) which can be enjoyed every day."

The challenge: a responsible packaging option for families

Danone takes pride in feeding families and has been looking into new packaging formats to make consuming their products more accessible. For their Danonino line, Danone wanted to explore pouches and turned to SIG to find equipment that would meet their needs. 

The solution: a filling machine you can count on

Danone bought eight SIG Motion 240 Servo 4.2 pouch machines and placed them in facilities worldwide. They chose to go with our machinery due to "the quality of the end product and the efficiency of the machines," says Nicolas Vyns, engineering manager who oversees pouch technology for Danone's dairy products. The Motion 240 Servo 4.2 “meets the highest quality standards for dairy products on the market."  


Our collaboration with Danone has led to significant innovations for Danonino consumers worldwide. Quality, safety, and reliability are paramount when crafting goods for families. Danone recognizes that responsibility, which is why they sought out our machines: they knew our filling equipment would deliver the consistency Danone consumers have come to expect. 

The results: fast, safe, and reliable dairy products for families

Danone's pouch for the Danonino line is the end-product of the SIG Motion 240 Servo 4.2 and our engineered fitments. With ultra-clean technology, this is the only machine worldwide that can meet the high-quality requirements of the food industry for the dairy market.


The SIG Motion 240 Servo 4.2 offers:

  • High-speed production capacity
  • An overall efficiency rate of approximately 98%
  • Excellent quality spout seals
  • Servo technology for increased quality and efficiency

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