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Food filling machines

Aseptically fill food products with particulates

The filling flexibility of SIG’s food filling machines holds a huge variety of products for food manufacturers : liquid, pasty, and even chunky products can be filled and packaged for a long shelf-life – quickly, safely, and using the established gentle, aseptic process.

The key enabler for that is SIG's sleeve-based technology, whereby each carton sleeve is individually shaped, sterilized, and filled on SIG filling machines on our customers' premises. After the filling process, the carton pack is ultrasonically sealed above the fill level, and not through the product. 

This prevents particulates or fibers from getting trapped in the sealed seam - a big benefit for the aseptic product safety! The result is a perfect seal, a fully intact package, and a high-quality product that can be stored for a long time without the need for preservatives or refrigeration.

Our food filling technology offers the widest range of aseptically filled food and is designed to fill liquid, viscous, and chunky food products on one and the same filling machine.

  • Particulate size of up to 25mm
  • Fiber length of up to 40mm
  • A solid content of up to 50%
  • 12,000 carton packs per hour with consistent, low waste rate
  • Gentle, aseptic filling process
  • Quick change of volume and decor

Two-phase filling technology

Our aseptic food filling machines are equipped with two separate dosing systems allowing you to increase the scope of your aseptic food portfolio. Ingredients can be filled either in one single phase, which is the standard process, or in two separate phases. Two-phase filling means splitting the product into two components which are processed and filled separately. This becomes necessary if the product is not viscous enough to carry its particulate content evenly through the process.

A typical product requiring two-phase filling is a low viscous soup with large pieces of vegetables. The vegetable pieces are filled together with a viscous carrier liquid in a first step. In a second step, additional water or broth is filled into the package, adjusting the desired viscosity level.

We offer special food filling machines for SIG CompactBloc and SIG StandardBloc