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SIG Drinksplus

Add value to any beverage

With our SIG Drinksplus solution, you can add pieces of fruit or vegetables and even cereal grains to your beverage products. Consumers enjoy the added flavor and texture – while you can enjoy higher profit margins! You could expand your range with trend-driven products such as beauty tonics, wellness drinks, health beverages, and on-the-go snacks. This way, SIG Drinksplus helps our customers create an innovative and appealing product category positioned between drinks and food.

With the benefit of more than 30 years experience in aseptic particulate filling technology, we can help you develop food concepts with real added value – for you and your consumers – and turn them into successful products. The flexibility of SIG's filling systems is here to help you achieve this.

Stand out in a competitive market by creating more healthy and premium products. Our complete end-to-end solution enables you to create innovative products and fill added-value products, such as premium fruit juices and drinkable milk snacks. Add real and natural food pieces – such as fruit, vegetables, or cereal grains – to your beverages:

  • Chunky product ingredients up to 10%
  • Particulates can be up to 6mm
  • Fibers up to 1x15mm
  • Viscosity can be up to 3,500mPas

SIG Drinksplus builds on our open sleeve filling system and the sealing of the pack above the fill level. This way, we avoid pieces getting stuck in the sealing, which increases products safety and your options to aseptically fill more products in our carton packs. Using agitators in the filling machine makes it possible to fill products with sedimenting or floating particulates. Special valves have been implemented to prevent the product particulates from blocking the product flow. And you can also benefit from the flexibility of SIG Aseptic filling machines and select the package volume that best matches the product concept and use occasion. 


The solution includes product concept know-how, process technology, filling equipment, and test filling. This ensures a complete end-to-end solution to fill products, such as premium fruit juices and drinkable milk snacks. Since its launch, SIG Drinksplus has enabled a number of new products to successfully enter the market, particularly in Asia.
  • Launch new products that combine a drink with extra pieces - adding value to any beverage
  • Meet consumers' demand for more healthy nutrition. Attracted by the idea of a drink with added value, consumers perceive the product to be more healthy and satisfying than a standard drink
  • Expand your product range with differentiating and attractive new products
  • Low additional investment: use the potential of your existing equipment - SIG Drinksplus can be added to standard aseptic filling machines from SIG
  • Increased straw hole-sizes to enable bigger pieces in the beverages: consumers can enjoy the beverages on the go
SIG Drinkplus solution is available for

SIG Dome and SIG DomeMini

SIG Dome Aseptic filling equipment

SIG SmileBig and SIG Smile Small

SIG Smile 24 Aseptic filling equipment

Small-size formats like: SIG XSlimBloc SIG MiniBloc SIG SmallBloc and SIGSmallFit

SIG Aseptic filling equipment for small-size packs

Medium-size formats like: SIG MidiBloc, SIG MidiStyle, and SIG MidiFit

SIG Aseptic filling equipment for medium-size packs