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SIG Retort filling system

Food manufacturers have a choice. For long-life foods, there is a wealth of packaging options they can choose from to place their products on the market. Many of these options have been around for decades, and their acceptance has developed over time. However, for any manufacturer looking to select a packaging system these days, the smart money is looking beyond the tried and trusted.

What is needed are modern packaging solutions that provide optimal protection for the foods they contain, offer flexibility, are convenient to use, sustainable – and, at the end of the day, are cost-effective as well. All this is SIG SafeBloc 12 Retort.

Key features

SIG Retort Food filling machines ultrasonically seal the carton packs above the filling level, ensuring that fibers and pieces of food cannot get caught in the seal area and potentially compromise the product quality. After filling, the carton packs are transported to autoclaves, where packages and product are sterilized together. 


Our SIG Retort Food filling machine can work with a diverse range of food products. 

  • Variable output of up to 12,000 packs per hour
  • Flexibility: 5 volumes on one filling machine: 200ml, 300ml, 400ml, 440ml, and 500ml
  • Quick volume change in just a few minutes and design change without interruption of the production process
  • Multi-head weigher for precise portioning and cost-effective production
  • Three-stage filling system for a wide variety of products and recipes
  • Up to 40mm particulates​, 50% solid content, and up to 5,000 mPas/cps​

We developed an innovative three-stage process. Starting by filling the SIG SafeBloc carton pack with products that can be pumped, weighed pieces are added in a second step. In the third stage, the package is topped up with a liquid. This method results in a cost-effective production process, because individual product ingredients can be added to the recipe continuously and precisely. This precision ensures better control of product costs for our customers.

Rotary or static autoclave

The autoclave can be either static or rotary, depending on your preferences and the requirements of the product. Rotary autoclaves provide optimum temperature distribution inside the carton pack and improve product taste and quality.


  • Highly flexible filling systems is your ideal choice for a wide range of chunky food in carton packs, such as pulses, vegetables, fruits, convenience foods, and stews
  • Perfect logistical features
  • Sustainable alternative to other packaging solutions
  • Volume and design flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your product and brand
SIG SafeBloc