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SIG Heat&Go

Consumers are more demanding than ever when it comes to packaged beverage products. They demand high-quality, authentic, and convenient packaging solutions. To meet the growing hot drinks trend, SIG has developed the Heat&Go solution. Our unique SIG Heat&Go structure enables hot drink concepts based on liquid dairy and dairy alternatives, juices and teas for a wide variety of new and exciting hot drink products.

  • Meet the growing demand for easy-to-prepare hot drinks for various occasions like a quick hot breakfast or a relaxing warm beverage – on-the-go, at work or at home.
  • Offer a microwaveable carton pack to conveniently and safely heat products.
  • Open up new market possibilities.

Barrier solution without aluminum

The aluminum foil found inside a standard carton structure was replaced by a high-barrier alternative that allows drinks to be microwaved together with the carton pack without compromising product quality.

The barrier performance of our SIG Heat&Go structure has not only been designed to safeguard oxygen-sensitive products at ambient temperature but ensures that – when microwaved – the products maintain the flavor and aroma consumers expect and enjoy. When developing Heat&Go, consumer safety was paramount. The product in carton pack with SIG Heat&Go structure can be heated up to a perfect drinking temperature without compromising product safety. An additional fail-safe against bursting when overheated has been implemented as well.