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Looking for a co-packer?

SIG has an extensive global co-packing network for all the categories we are active in.

Creating is better together

We love to work with you to find the best product formulations in the best packaging formats across a variety of categories, occasions, and channels. Let's accelerate innovation together. 


We believe in working in partnership. Our team of experts will be there to support and guide you through the most crucial period of your innovation: from idea to execution.


With our ecosystem of best-in-class partners, we facilitate collaborative product innovation that ensures your success.

Five reasons to use a co-packer

  1. Create more products: explore a range of new packaging and product opportunities

  2. Utilize expert equipment: get access to state-of-the-art and flexible filling machinery 

  3. Save capital expenditure: increase revenue while keeping overall investment costs low  

  4. Scale up quick and easy: scale your production capacity and keep up with your growth

  5. Ensure faster turnaround: increase productivity and get your products to market faster

What is a co-packer?

A co-packer, or a contract packager, is someone that receives your finished product and packages it for you for retail, foodservice, ecommerce, or other sale. This is someone that can help you scale up a new product, or run your full-scale production, without you needing to invest in new equipment.

What is a co-manufacturer?

A co-manufacturer, or contract manufacturer, is someone who can manufacture and package your product for you, making it easy for you to run full-scale productions of new and current products without investing in new upstream, filling, or downstream equipment.

Finding the right co-packer

Let's talk about your needs so we can work together to find you a fitting co-packer. From dairy to juices to non-food applications, we have a wide network of co-packers globally to help support you in your growth journey.

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