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SIG Asset Health Monitoring

Reduce downtimes. Optimize availability.

Monitor the health of your assets

Staying on top of how your assets are performing is vital to long-term success. 90% of our customers report that preventing downtimes is a critical issue- and with SIG Asset Health Monitoring, one plant experienced a 20% reduction in unplanned downtimes across ten SIG fillers. 


SIG Asset Health Monitoring is a solution for condition-based maintenance, designed to measure the wear and tear of parts and equipment and provide online monitoring to anticipate issues, recommend preventative measures, and offer solutions to optimize availability and reduce unplanned downtime.



“Our SIG Asset Health Monitoring works in conjunction with our maintenance services as part of our goal to turn maintenance systems from reactive to proactive. ”

To make maintenance more proactive, we’re using digital tools to effectively monitor assets, avoid breakdowns, and improve operations.

Anticipate what your machinery needs

How does SIG Asset Health Monitoring work?

  • Improve availability and avoid unplanned downtime: Our monitoring solution prevents unplanned downtimes by tracking vital parts of the filling line and proactively informing customers of performance.
  • Expert-analyzed data: Senior SIG experts monitor filling lines at our Reliability Centers to prevent and anticipate downtimes before they occur and make predictive assessments about equipment performance.
  • Steady improvements: Continuous monitoring and reports help consumers make improvements over time.

Case study: Almarai

Almarai is the largest dairy manufacturing and distribution company in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Located in Saudi Arabia, Almarai utilized SIG Asset Health Monitoring to avoid downtimes and optimize production:


“SIG’s smart factory solutions, including SIG Asset Health Monitoring, provide essential monitoring of our various filling line parameters and flag any irregularities. This continuous feedback and corrective actions allow us to avoid unplanned downtime in running filling lines.”



SIG Almarai video case-study

Learn how SIG Asset Health Monitoring—along with all our Digital Solutions—can reduce downtimes and optimize availability.