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SIG Connector

The digital gateway to your filling line

Full digital connectivity to your filling line

SIG Connector builds full connectivity in your plant, no matter what equipment, supplier, or PLC you have. OPC Unified Architecture enables vertical shop floor to top floor communication within your plant.

Our system is secure and reliable, and the entire SIG filling line is bi-directional communication ready, which allows you to:

  • Control operations from the top floor to the shop floor
  • Increase automation through Recipe Management
  • Supplier-independent manufacturing execution system (MES) connectivity

SIG Connector brings together our Digital Solutions and your MES to improve operations and manage asset productivity.

The gateway to your digital line

Our SIG Connector allows you to integrate any Digital Solution to your filling line. It’s simple to use and a powerful tool, enabling your filling line to be connected at all points.


Use the SIG Connector to:

  • Plug and play easily into any MES of all 3G SIG equipment
  • Create a network between all machines in the Meurer, Geyssel, and Mariani downstream
  • Create a set of standard production-relevant tags that cover all factory needs
  • Utilize one-directional communication (as standard)
  • Optional smart line to for bi-directional recipe handling

Stay connected to your line—learn more about the SIG Connector by reaching out to an SIG representative now.